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3/22/2004 c1 210Kelpylion
Harsh...sometimes the world feels so cold, so empty, that it seems like it must be void of divinity. I'd refer to this condition of thought more as hopelessness than atheism, though; The inability to transcend you pain and connect with heavenly things because...it just hurts too bloody much. Whether you believe in God or not, Hope is the ability to find love, to find beauty, that, insignifigant as it seems, is more powerful than all the death in the world. Good Luck, then, in finding hope.
...I hope that didn't sound preachy.
(Oh yes, I forgot to actually review this...pardon me. Well, obviously you expressed the void feeling quite well, as it brought up all those thoughts. I'd say 'beautiful,' except it's only me seeing beauty there, while the entire premise of the poem is that you see a scientific nothingness. I've been there before, though certainly not to that extreme.)
1/27/2004 c1 18Phoenix Ignition
That was pretty. Sounds almost like a psalm.
Christianity isn't a belief system, it's the state of being forgiven by God and being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. If you only acknowledge the existence of God or even Jesus, and never actually are repentant, then you'll never get past this. :(
I hope that doesn't sound like preaching. . .
12/23/2003 c1 28frugale
Simple, true.
10/29/2003 c1 1Lauren K
it's really good! I like

I listened for the breath of God

and only heard the tidal volume of the sea's waves

I'm an atheist too, and Jewish, and anyone who says that's stupid; you can't be both-go...well this is a public site. Good job!

9/11/2003 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
Yet another amazinf piece...I just wish I could make myself believe that there wasn't actually such real emotion behind it and all your others-except I can't convince myself of that, because you've already got me convinced that you're telling the truth. This just seems so-true. In a very eloquent, heart-breaking way. I can totally relate, to the feelings of loss of fate, anyway. Great job.
8/19/2003 c1 14Dirty Wallpaper
there was something about this poem which rang so true, you hear poems about how "great" god is, ones which over exagerate "greatness"...to some people it may ring true but never have they held any reality in them, ive only heard idealism and some other quailty which always makes me want to gag. your poem was so true, so pure, full of so much emotion, it held no bull shit, it had the truth, no sugar coated warm fuzzies for a good nights sleep and a clean and protected mind, this was a true religous poem, to me anyway. i really loved the imagery, it conveyed the lonliness, and abondonment endlessly well, especially that last bit "I pleaded for God's comfort

and laid down on cold hard stone."

the word cold, and the image you chose to show was brillient, it emphasised so much aloneness *they really should make that a word* such a great picture - and the meaning behind it ... stunning.

amazing poem, truly, excellent work, kudos - its going on my favs
8/11/2003 c1 Patoll
Damn it! This is SO good and I can't write anything.
8/3/2003 c1 aulliana
I can sort of relate to that losing-God feeling. You captured it well. Kudos!
7/8/2003 c1 40AvaRicE
I can relate to this, though I was never a really strong believer in Christianity.

Moreso that I was indoctrinated as a child through school, through people around me, the general western way of life and the forced acceleration of my having to grow up earlier than any person should ever have to.

Recent events have finally lifted the wool from my eyes, and this poem is a perfect expression of the cold truth.
6/30/2003 c1 54Werecat99
I really liked this. It reflects a lot of my own feelings, those of a past time. Luckily, since then, I have changed.

Good work. And thanks for the review.
6/21/2003 c1 SunlightThroughWater
You know, even David felt the way you do now. Pslam 13, 22, and 28 may be of some interest to you, and though I mention that, I don't intend to preach. Only to say that even the bravest, most faithful saints had their dark times too. Your poem is richly woven, and thought provoking. The imagery invoking a feeling of vulnerability; of lonliness. You're riding out what is probably the fiercest storm in your life-but keep holding on. You may feel alone, but you're not.
6/20/2003 c1 1cooldas
I'm sure everybody felt something like that...I'll pray for you too..
6/19/2003 c1 20Sidekickwannabe
Funny, I tried just last week to write something exactly like that but couldn't find the right words for what I wanted to say. You got what I tried to express perfectly. I went through experiences where for a time, I felt that I needed God in my life. When I opened up my heart like so many people say to do, I didn't find god, I found Me. I found my atheism that had been there but dormant all my life. People said I didn't want it enough. I've even been told that I looked in the wrong place; I'm assuming they meant my mind because all it took was a little bit of thought to bring me to my conclusion. Regardless, it wasn't what Fancy implies, that because I couldn't find god I dismissed him. It's because he's never been there.

Anyway, it's a good poem and I'm jealous you were able to say what I couldn't so well. ^_~
6/19/2003 c1 10Fancy
Hmm... Now don't take this as being preachy, but what I find interesting about this poem is the fact that what you find when searching for God, that seems to show you that no God exists (or at least that's the meaning I'm getting based off of the summary), would seem to me to be what a lot of people look to as being proof of God's existence, and, er... majesty, I suppose. I don't know if that's what you intended, but it's an interesting thought, nonetheless.
6/18/2003 c1 21De Miles Justus
What hero falls to the wayside when his journey makes him weary?

What warrior runs from the battle when it becomes too intense?

Not you, I should hope.
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