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1/3/2004 c42 2Deathworm
Hey, this is really quite good. It's got a well-thought out plot and a somewhat epic feel. Not sure how I can describe it but I really liked it!
11/7/2003 c1 10Cinn
You're probably not going to read this because it's done, but anyway, I love the introduction, a little sckechey, but what the hell.
8/25/2003 c42 5Khamron
I am impressed with the length of your story and how you were able to keep up with all the characters, but (and I am not trying to be mean) it just wasn't realistic. Things happened too quickly and the group won battles far too easily. Tindel was so helpful, as if he wasn't scared at all of his government; people (or should I say aliens?) like this are almost non-existant, unless they have others to rely upon. And Earth (the humans' earth) was rebuilt in too short an amount of time. To be able to get power plants, working electrical systems, and computers would take years, notwithstanding the internet! To rebuild Earth enough that there was a centralized government and all would take decades. Sorry, I may be going into too much detail...

The story was a good one, but it was just too easy for the "good guys" to win. I really liked the idea, but you may just want to work on it more (or not, if you aren't thinking of becoming a professional).

Oh, by the way...thanks for reading my story, "Darkas Night"! Do you have any good constructive criticism for me? (I am going to try and get my story published when finished and edited). ^_^
7/30/2003 c10 10bookworm701
Not gonna say much 'cause I just reviewed yesterday, but this is getting really good. I like it.
7/29/2003 c8 bookworm701
Aw...Gwen said a bad word! I'm telling! (not...duh)

Loving this so far...And just out of curiousity, how many chapters is it gonna have? I've only read to First Journal Entry Simon so far, so I won't be getting to the end for a while, but I'm wondering.

rnrn-Keep writing!

7/26/2003 c42 Kyalia
I like.

OK, in summnation (sp): I like it- the only points it could have used work on were in the length of the chappies. A few (journal entries) could have been merged with others. But that's sorta minor, good one anyways...

Oh, BTW, I'm not going to be near a computer for another week.
7/25/2003 c6 bookworm701
Loving this so far! I've only read up to chapter three but it's really good. I should have known Zagwitar would be a traitor...But I didn't. Shame on me. And I liked Gwen's line in chapter 3: "Can we put our world on speed dial?"

Thanks for all your reviews. I'll read First Journal Entry Jared tomorrow.

7/20/2003 c42 No7h1ng
what a nice ending! i loved how you got the mutants back in the story :) i highly approve of your story! (the final journal entries were a nice touch too) i'm so sorry it took me so long to review but here i am! :)
7/20/2003 c35 No7h1ng
aw yayayayayayayayay! happy endings rule! now it's time to read the journal entries and the epilogue! i approve greatly! :)
7/20/2003 c27 No7h1ng
ah! you've finished! you're a fast writer! hm interesting... i'm thinkin' jason's trouble!
7/19/2003 c42 Nothing to read
that ending reminded me of Orson Scott Card's (the best author ever!) The Worthing Saga. Only because one of the characters in it founded a world and then, so to speak, 'froze' himself, and when, centuries later, his people found out about him, they 'unfroze' him... Oh well! I LOVE YOUR STORY! Better than anything i could write.

And thank you for reviewing! I am so happy!
7/17/2003 c38 Nothing to read
awesome! the journal was found! Hehehe! anyway, nice follow-up.
7/17/2003 c35 DarkDragonX
Prisoners again...need action.
7/17/2003 c34 DarkDragonX
THis is for all the past chapters...

Need action.
7/17/2003 c35 Nothing to read
YAY! Humans are free again! Yay! nice ending! ^.^
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