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4/2/2009 c16 AJ'Dark-Hunter
Okay one word and one word only SEQUAL! you definately need to make one I mean just ending it there is just as bad as cliff hangers. Seriously think about it!
4/2/2009 c3 AJ'Dark-Hunter
I think its good that you added the different accents it makes the story have more than one voice, and since the story is in America it makes it look more like true America not somewhere else where everyone talks the same. Sorry if I seem a little bland on this..its my first time writing a review. I also think the story line so far is good. Good timing with introducing the characters.
12/9/2008 c16 Kira
I LOVE YOUR STORY! And if you need any help with your sequel story I'll be glad to lend ya a hand ^^

E-mail me at .

11/25/2008 c2 peacebstill
She is so innocent and I hate that bully I am quite sure that he will get what's comming to him. Besides, the new guy seems hot!
7/6/2008 c16 Alenor
heya, good story, cya later.
4/22/2008 c1 1xX-Bella-Xx
Wow! This story is so good! Great writing - I love it! Amazing!1

Could you do me a small favour? I would be really grateful if you could review my vampire story (don't worry - not the average, cheesy, vampire-falls-in-love-with-human-girl story!).

The latest chapters are the best ones.

It would really help if you could!

Once again, great story!

♥ Bella ♥

2/12/2008 c16 11Stella Celestial
I love it and also the ending when he went away in the sun reminded me of my favorite book the silver kiss. but not exactly what it was but I still love this probably even more than the book. thank you for writing it.
2/8/2008 c16 Kura-sama
No Roland! T_T I wish he didn't kill himself, but I can understand that after living all thosec centuries driven by revenge, there is nothing left to live for once it's achieved, especially since the world seemed so bleak. Still, I wish he'd instead lived for Gia ... wasn't love enough motivation to go on? T_T So sad. The ending is nice, I like her new name. Good story, though character development could have been more thorough.
8/25/2007 c16 MK16

I LOVED IT! LOL! OOPS! hehe was still on caps lock XD

But i seriously, loved it! the plot and the ending couldnt have been better =P so great job!

And keep up the fab work!

8/25/2007 c10 MK16
YAY! i think im ur 100th review! hehe

o what a twist! can't wait to read on!

great job! XD

8/25/2007 c7 MK16

I can't decide whether i want Gia and Roland to end up together, or Gia and Gabriel! lol

but great job! lovin it!

8/25/2007 c5 MK16

HE HAS TO KILL HER? i thought he liked her! ahh! lol hehe

great work! can't wait to read more! XD

8/25/2007 c2 MK16
Hehe! just started reading it!

lol! prob wont review EVERY chappie! but i'll do a few! XD

loving it so far! =P great job!

1/4/2007 c16 Moonxpi
Excellent. That was very well written and I'm glad you wrote it in the first place. I like how Gabriel and Roland were able to have a somewhat mutual friendship. Thanks for writing it. Until then.
7/12/2006 c1 bob
Disclaimer: This is my idea and I haven't gotten it from someone else. Any resemblance of any of the character or the story is purely by accident, yady yady yah.

one thing...i thought a disclaimer was used for saying you don't own starburst candies or harry potter- dis-claiming, stating that you DONT own something. dis-claim..?
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