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10/12/2003 c1 210Kelpylion
a stark picture of insanity.
10/11/2003 c1 Spirit Child
Hey, I found a way to write a second (better review) anyway. Really cool. All the hints were super subtle but you'd still have to be really slow not to figure out what was happening. I wish I could do that.
9/18/2003 c1 27Spirit Child
Who. I'm still trying to decide whether its unnerving but anyway its an amazing fantastic brilliant poem along with the rest of them. I would review your stuff in a decent fashion but my vocabulary lacks any words that would do them justice so...
8/1/2003 c1 22Neried
Did I mention that the relation to inasne asylums and macaroni comes from Rinaidran Warrior? Anyhow, it does. thanks!
6/24/2003 c1 295schande
very well drawn out ^_~ intelligent
6/23/2003 c1 128Zainab
I take this takes place in an asylum or something. That might not be what you had in mind, but oh well...^^ Another good job with the imagery (are you tired of me telling you that?) *scratches head* Oh well. This could be made into a song because of the back and forths... they add on to this piece.
6/22/2003 c1 1l'orage d'absinthe
That's really cool. I LOVE your style of writing. Please write more...

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