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for Luck of the Strigoi

8/2/2003 c5 45Abbriella
Well... This is definitely a powerful story. I'm kinda speechless. I like it and how brutal and honest Borujah is about what happened to him and the madness that is taking over him. I definitely want to know what is going to happen to him in the future. Keep writing, because this is really good.
8/2/2003 c5 5thefireburnswithin
WAI! So good! o~_~o *sniff* Me liked. Poor Boru. *sniff* He had it so bad.

Please continue. I'm working on my story as well. PAINT! ^^

7/30/2003 c5 Ash
Wow you def. got your flow back that was great. Sid is so blunt and Borus thought process is really deep. Love it xD
7/29/2003 c4 thefireburnswithin
Oh well. ^_^ It's good story other wise.

Your detail is beautiful. I LOVE it! I wish I could be that could. *sigh*

Good chapter, as always. ^^ Continue. Byez. .O
7/28/2003 c4 Ash
Yay! I dunno what you were talking about, that wasn't bad at all! I liked it hehe. Sid is great xD Very descriptive and it flowed fine lol
7/10/2003 c3 Lin
o_o...Wow. That's REALLY good! ^_^ Two thumbs up, ect. ect. ect. (By the way I like your profile X3; ) Write more soon. =^_^=
7/9/2003 c3 thefireburnswithin
COOL! I've never read anything like this. It's awesome! =)

*giggle* Some of it's actaully funny.

I agree my story needs a little more detail. Of course what do you excpect when someone writes in at least 6:00 in the morning. XP I promise it will be better in the next chapter.

GREAT STORY! ^.^ Continue.
7/9/2003 c1 thefireburnswithin
WOW! It's only the first chapter and I'm hooked. It's GREAT! Very descriptive. How did you come up with this stuff?

I like it. ^_^

*goes off to finish the story*
7/9/2003 c3 matt13086
Really Great story! I was wondering if you can review my story called Earth is under attack. THe chapters are not in the right order but it does have a prologue. THanks!

7/8/2003 c3 Auror Lupin
That was GREAT! It come out Awesome. Boru is offically great haha, just a tid bit insane and violent.
7/7/2003 c2 267Lady B.V Rose
Wow...how doesn't this have any reviews? The plot is well executed, the descriptions are breathtakingly brilliant, and the first person idea is carried perfectly. A piece of helpful advice, at the end of chapter 2, you end it...well rather weakly...

"The next day I broke away from the fire pit and into the tribunal chamber. I bashed my mothers head in with a hammer." The idea is there but elaborate on it a bit more, screams, what you could see, the adreniline, and all that good juicy, gross stuff. Other from that its perfect, my grammar isn't the best though, neither is my spelling so I don't think there were any errors.


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