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for Crynom Kingdom of Htrae

4/20/2004 c12 Cassidy Farren Nox
OMG! I never knew you put your stories on-line! So not fair! But then I guess that's cause I barely ever see you. :( Anyway, write more! I'm almost done with my "novel". Yay! Hehe!
7/18/2003 c5 Me
Great story! The characters are so cool, especially Sora. She's a princess, she's smart, AND she's a redhead, she sounds like the ideal human being! ;) Really, everyone should aspire to be like her. Whoever you based her on must be a very special person. In fact, you should see pirates of the caribbean with her. Again.

P.S. I luv Johnny Depp
6/22/2003 c12 7Destin
Adondra dies ! THis is such a cool story ! I read it all in one sitting. Amazing right ! Anyway this is such a good story ! Charles is such a cool name , well that's the reason my main character is named that, just they call him Chucky. Anyway CHarles is also a cool character ! I hope there's more, o and if you can , can you please read one read one of my stories? You are a taulted writer, I hope to see more of your works.

-Destin Scar

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