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for Idethia 7

12/14/2005 c2 12Moonlite Star
Interesting start! I look forward to updates. :)

I will admit...it did take me a while to grasp everything that was going on, but I did finally manage. :)

And...I saw on your profile that your favorite TV shows are Alias and Dark Angel. The exact same is true for me! =D It was unfortunate that they had to cancel DA :(

And now Alias.

Anyways, I hope you continue this story. =D Update asap.
1/28/2004 c2 GoogleCorelli
interesting...thats good sci-fi, very creative. i like it!
7/13/2003 c2 7Valkyrie
I DID notice the 'left hand with the tv' thing :p Lol, great chapter. You are really good with dialouge! Keep it up and update soon!
6/23/2003 c1 Valkyrie
COOL! Update soon! I mean very soon! I WANT THE NEXT CHAPTER NOW AND I WANT IT 90 SECONDS AGO! Keep it up!

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