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9/23/2005 c4 8bluedrop
cool good so far..!
4/3/2005 c4 59Darkest Angels
HEy i have one wuestion gfor you.. In this chapter you say your family moved to Chelmsford... do u mean Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada? Can u email me an answer @ and just put the subject at question or something so i know who the email is from.. Thanks! this is a great story.. emotional and very well written therefore i must keep reading now. BYE byes
3/9/2005 c6 Anonymous
In Fading Scars one of the birds says she hates fisher cats.. your feeling showing throug?
3/9/2005 c5 JazWillow
my younger brother is so much nicer!
3/9/2005 c4 JazWillow
Frigging maniacs! They are so stupid! (her parents..)How can you do that to your kid? Id never be able to do that..
3/8/2005 c1 10Jaz108
┬┤hey! I really like your writing.. you are really good at it!

anyways,... Im in school and we start soon..

8/9/2004 c6 2Sakin
Hello. This story is creeping me out, because it's as if you just wrote my life story. The only difference is that I never had a pet because my father thought I wasn't worth it - and that he didn't use a belt, but his fists. It's weird the way that when they even speak to you calmly (or pseudo-calmly), your first reaction is to either spout great fountains of lies or cry, even though you're gritting your teeth.
I've always known that I would survive whatever he threw at me, and live both emotionally and physically scarred, because I'm not lucky enough to die.
My past, like yours, will always be there to burn and haunt me.
Please continue your story; even though I'm not exactly enjoying it, it's nice to know that you're not alone.
6/23/2003 c6 And All That Could Have Been
That was hilarious but at the same time it struck hard at my heart. The animal thing just about made me cry until the end which I found funny in an odd way. This life you lived, was so . . . . . . . . . I can't even think of the word. I hate your father like I hate my own, you've reminded me of the nights my father spent drinking and yelling. I hunger for more in your story though I'm not sure I could take a blatant almost symetrical image of myself in a story I know so much about except for the end. Thank you for writing this for the public and those who need to read it. Thank you for assuring me I can reach past eighteen. I can't say much else either except for, wow. . .. .

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