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4/29/2006 c1 3Adaku
Yet another fantasy about elements, this kind of reminds me of WITCH, but all in all I like it. Keep up the good work!

6/4/2004 c5 Ayashino
This story is good, i hope you update soon! It read's pretty smoothly, can't wait until the next chapter!
4/11/2004 c6 6Black and Silver Dreamer
Yes, start chp 6! I think I like Bing actually. Not sure why, might just be that her name is so much fun to say. Anyways, I like the idea and the way the story is going, the characters are adorable too, maybe adorable isn't the word I'm looking for exactly... but I like them!
2/20/2004 c3 8Kezkay
backbackback, I'm finally back.
OOpsies, first sentence is in the passive tense. Might want to switch it around. Hehe, Shen made moss grow. Funny. ...sorry, it is!
Aww, poor Dien. She's my fav so far...wait, didn't I already say that in another review? Oh well. 0oo, That's what their names mean? Cool. Makes sense, since they have their own elements and whatnot.
Watch out for the it's vs. its. "..On it’s surface was a symbol done in black.." No apostrophe there.
Wait! Which woman disappeared? The good or bad? Gack! it was getting so interesting!
Oy, that -was- short. I shall return!
12/23/2003 c5 8forgive and forget
Love the story, nice plot, characters everything. can't wait to read more!
11/26/2003 c2 8Kezkay
HAHA! This chapter was so FUNNY! I could just imagine them dashing in and out of bushes and between trees going, "Look! A monkey!" and then running the other way. hehe, that was a nice run-on sentence, dontcha think? oh, shuddap.

EEk!” the pale girl let out a shriek, “A spider!” *rofl*

I especially liked all the descriptions of the separate powers, like when Bing froze the water or when Dien called fire to her hand. The only real crit I have for you is that the whole joining up into one happy party went a little fast, there were no suspicions, nothin'! Even after Dien almost took Bing's head off! Though, this all could be just because they're all youngins'! ...Or becuase I'm a wordy FREAK who can't just let things HAPPEN. I blame the latter. hehe, I'll be back to read more soon! -Kez
11/17/2003 c1 1LusciousLife
Hi! Thank you for reviewing my story! This is really awesome! I like it alot so far! *gringrin* Do you write at ff.net? I do, so I thought maybe since you like Kenshin and YuYu that you'd write over 'dere. Nice story! Love it!

~ S a p p h i r e ~

~ D a r k n e s s in H e a r t ~
11/16/2003 c1 3FurballofEvilness

interesting. elemental powers. destiny. evil.



10/3/2003 c5 Ravage Blue
hee hee. skirts are evil. i agree with Dien and Shen. hee hee. Bing is defintely the girly girl of the group. well um, could you pelase review mine? just asking! don't have to if you don't wnat to! i'm just asking! well GREAT CHAPTER! (again) NEXT ONE PLEASE!

Ravage Blue
9/26/2003 c1 Noel Diep
good story line and plot =]
9/21/2003 c1 8Kezkay
hmm.. interesting beginning. I just have to wonder what exactly is ON the paper. Is it just a piece of paper? Or am I not supposed to know this yet...? If so, just ignore me.

This chapter was a lovely introduction to your main characters, though I might say, it went a little fast. I realize we're not supposed to know WHY the girls had to leave, but this sudden uprooting seems to be accepted pretty dang easily by young girls who seemed pretty happy with their present lifestyle. I mean there was no, "No, I like it here! Why should I leave? I won't go!" This is kinda odd beacuse they were never aware that they even had to go somewhere, whereas their guardians were. Am I just rambling here? I might be. This could just be character development/plot, and I am notoriously bad at recognizing this.

I like how each character has a certain power of nature, their element mixes with their physical description and attitude. Tres cool. I also liked how there were little hints as to each child's past and their future; just enough writing-oomf to get a reader hooked. Good job.

There were a coupla extra commas in there that messed up with your fluid style of writing, but not much else grammar-wise.

Hmm, that's all for me. Wait, no, that's not all... Rose Wolf was my favorite of your characters, though this could just be because I'm partial to anything with the word "wolf" in it. Especially names. This could be why my own fic centers around a wolf...hmm. Okay, now I'm done.

9/13/2003 c1 12Coni
monica monica monica. :P I still have to read the other chapters...you didn't tell me they were up! -_- besides...I'm adding u to my fav authors...so you have to too, and go read ch.2 of the Elements! NOW! :) lol
9/10/2003 c5 5Ravage Blue
hey, you ahve a very interesting story here. keep it up. school has been slwoing me down too. i think it purposely sucks up any inspiration for a chapter, right out of you. it sucks. well anyway, i like Dien the most. she's cool. Bing seems to be kind of weak but oh well. GREAT CHAPTER! NEXT ONE PLEASE!

Ravage Blue
9/10/2003 c5 12MoonDaughter17
This was a really short chapter. We;;, anyway, update soon please.
9/9/2003 c5 Random Reader
That was a cool chapter. So was she like not wearing anything? Scandalous! hehehe I think a little more detail is in order. I can't wait to see her practice with the trainees.

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