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for always

4/27/2004 c1 3ses
i really like this poem, i liked the repetition you used. its really good. post more.
12/14/2003 c1 Chrissy
wow kid, i knew u wer good but that was grate. keep it up.
ur old school mate johnson :-p
8/30/2003 c1 11T III
your style is incredible i really love it and this poem shows it best i think although for some reason i see this more as the love of a family member than an actual lover (not sure why maybe im projecting my own problems lol) well either way i like this and wish u had let me read this stuff before and if u ever try to tell me your stuff is crap again im going to get upset cause this is better than mine :P

7/15/2003 c1 Charvanatori'll be back like ya daft cunt LOL
ignore the name...im hyper right now lol...this one...very suicidal...sounds like a suicide note...or someones dying thoughts at least...meh...mebbes just me

7/13/2003 c1 59kep
Great piece, I love the repition and the bleak feeling it puts across. The conflict within the poem is wonderfully expressed. It really allows the reader to get inside and feel this situation.
6/25/2003 c1 98Little Dark Rosebud
This is a good poem and I sure know the sanario you discribe.

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