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7/18/2003 c1 4Chord
"And there must be more, there must, there must / Who could know you so well, who could love you like you remember / When you were worth it"

And I could kill myself for waiting this long before reading your work. I could kill myself, and if life wasn't justsobeautifulinafucked-upway, I would. Really.

Because this is simply beyond what words can express, in All That It Is. And by not reading it until now, I find that I've wasted so much time, never-knowing until now. And now that I know what I do, you're going on my List, and your words are in my Heart, and oh do keep writing. This is simply...


6/26/2003 c1 26sweetspontaneous
this is stunning. i'm completely flattened- "stop looking, quit pushing. There are no races to run." - "365 days done, I'm over it now..." absolutely amazing; i think this is one of the best things of yours that i've read. and once again i think you've found a sort of rhythm-without-rhythm, especially in the italicized verses. anyway, i love it.
6/26/2003 c1 bleak reality
*Tries to hug and applaud at the same time, stops, thinks, hugs THEN applauds*

"I'll rebuild my faith myself."

Brilliant mate. I like the additions to the first draft, there's a hopeful lilt to the end of this.

*Ticks favourite stories box*

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