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for Garden of Falling Stars

8/18/2003 c1 8Edana
OOh, you write so many fics I can’t keep up! ^_^;; But you have a beautiful style of writing. I love how you can write an intro about a group of people and completely draw the reader in with all the emotion behind the words. It could easily have been an unemotional list of descriptions but you’ve written it like real memories.

I also really like the title. I have a thing for nice titles, and I’m wondering where exactly this is gonna go. If you’re going to ‘replay’ the last year of high school, this is going to be a bittersweet story isn’t it? Since he’s still in love with Skyler and all. Ack, I feel said already.

And I think, for the character, it was a nice touch mentioning the angel’s tears, but maybe that’s just me. It makes him seem more sentimental and sweet, and I like him already. Write more soon!
8/11/2003 c1 96Liebe Sasa
Aw thats so pretty, as well as sad. I'm sure the story will be great.

You write beautifully, I might add.

~Mizery Rose~
7/5/2003 c1 hudson396
Your such a good write and dont get nearly enough reviews for your work. I hope you write some more.
7/3/2003 c1 meijing
Interesting...^_^. Aurek sounds like me: short, Anime & Harry Potter & LotR fan, average. -_-`! Anyway, the story's good, and yes, you should make a sequel about Aurek's present life. I'll be waiting for more!
6/27/2003 c1 Leaf Zelindor
aw, that's really really good so far, we know a little bit about the chars and i definately look forward to more. ~Leaf~

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