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for Seemingly Alone

1/25/2009 c3 Jordan Williams
sucks that u didnt continue...it was nice reading something different for a change =D...well i know its late in the game...but if u can continue that would be awesome =)
10/14/2003 c3 2SpiritoftheForest
Great story! Please finish it! If you can, send me the rest of it!
7/15/2003 c3 5Ryu-no-namida
iz blackmail i tell you! lolz, i'm j/p witchu chica..eesh..i'm turnin' into maiya w/all the slang. *shakes head* anywayz, fine, i'm reviewing see? but you already know how much i like your story, {due to the fact i already told you} so UPDATE!


7/1/2003 c3 1serasivad
I'm not liking Jake. Why should C.J. waste her time on someone who's such an obvous loser? Anyways, love the sarcasm and thanks for updating so quickly. The chapters could be just a wee bit longer (hint, hint)
6/30/2003 c1 6Lisa0211
However depressing, your writing is really good. I've always loved the first-person narrative, especially when approached with a rather sarcastic tone. It's very good and I'd like to see where you go with this. I might learn a thing or two about writing about this kind of subject because I plan to introduce something of similar nature (depressing) into a story of mine. Keep up the good work.
6/29/2003 c2 30Everchanger
Good so far. I like the second part. Please continue.
6/29/2003 c2 1serasivad
I definitely like it. So much so I'm willing to put it on my favorite stories list. I can't wait for the next chapter!

But...what is so wrong about C.J. that she gets teased and mocked so much? She doesn't sound so bad.
6/29/2003 c2 JazzeeT
hey that you updated pretty quickly. so is she going to get together with jake. poor girl get kicked out of the home so young for just being born. that is a cruel set of parents. i hope that by the end she will get them back. that would be great carrie reversed. Update soon im looking forward to this
6/28/2003 c1 JazzeeT
this is way to sad. what kinda parents are those. this is so saad its making me angsty. good writing though i like this. but ohh my i hope she becomes good at whatever she does and make the parents actually recognised her.Update soon if this isnt the end

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