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for Shut Up

7/17/2003 c1 mythfetish
i really like it! keep writing cuz ur gr8 at it! [i especially liked the last verse]
7/16/2003 c1 32DeViLDaughTeR
i really love this.. a lot.. i feel like this sometimes.. your poems.. rock.. keep it up..
7/14/2003 c1 40R. Blade
i..dont...know... what to say.. definately one of my favs. love the last stanza. very moving! keep going!

7/1/2003 c1 kiyala makero
only one thing to say: it blew my mind away! It really, truly did. you can just feel the anger eb away into nothingness which isn't always that good, as you've shown it.
6/28/2003 c1 31ArisaKatsu
I know how it feels to just want everyone around you to shut up and just let you be. the repition is really powerful.
6/28/2003 c1 1Velvet Valentine
I like this so much I am adding it to my Favorites. Good work!

6/28/2003 c1 2Lady Chance

Words cannot not describe you poem! hey check out some of my work at w.poetry.com in autor seard im Cathryn Guthrie. Very very spiffy... you have any more on the site? I'd love to read it.
6/28/2003 c1 AVIGON
Nice rythm and all. (I could've done without the lower/uppercase contrast in "shut up" though.) I like it.

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