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8/11/2005 c1 47Genevive Russet
Insperational. You might want to work on your stucture a bit. Good work. Keep it up.
8/13/2004 c1 97Torturd Artist
Hey there Taratino, you just sent me a review for my poem 'Elsewhere' and I wanted to come and thank you for it :) I got two other reviews but it was yours that really just brightened my day with your words, especially "you just gotta say fuck it and know your a better less shallow person.." - I wasn't in a good mood, but I read that and it just really brightened things up and made me smile, so I wanted to thank you personally and review one of yours in return...you said that you liked this one of yours so I wanted to read it...I really liked this poem, I love how you did the separation with it and how you sometimes carried rhymes over into other places and parts..I can feel alot of emotions through this poem and that's what I really like about it..Many poems paint a picture, this one paints feelings so congradulations on that..I love the line 'But I'm lost with no hope'..You need hope to survive and go on, so having no hope is just..you're lost..it's like someone dropped you in the deepest and darkest jungle with nothing, no food, no clothes, no anything - you have nothing...Beautiful piece of poetry *applauds* Thanks again for the unintentional pick-me-up..I'll be sure to try and check out more of you stuff and don't worry cause for you, you're "gonne have something" and "it's gonne be everything" :) Peace

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