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5/19/2004 c1 20Rimbaud's Whore
last time i reviewed this i basically thoguht, ooh, pretty words, wow, images, and thoguht about how nice it was. i read it again yesterday, and i think i looked at it more, because i've just realised how amazing this piece is.
it's satrical and sardonic, and funny, and a frighteningly good commentary society. "we're foriegners of society because we're homosexual dangerous pedophilic freaks" that's such a brilliant, line, and it's so ture, how soem many of us distance outrselves, or how we are distanced, branded with a name that isn't real. also "...on my back that is twisted in agony but has never had to work a day in its overprivelleged life." yes. that's just brilliant. it uses so few words to say so much about how overprivelleged and useless we all our.
and yet your poem wasn't exactly depressing, not in the common way, anyway. you saved it with your short, angry lines and the strange brittleness that seemed tor ing through this poem. you almost brought society down to its bare bones and nothing. and somehow, in all the dirt and sadness you through,t here's beauty, too.
i think thi sis one of the best thing i;ve ever read. i jsut wanted tot ell you that. i'm not sure if i'm expressing myself here, but this is just incredible, okay.
7/18/2003 c1 12Vuelo
Wow. THis is good, but it confused me to dang. lol Seriously, waht is it about? i have my ideas... like, from the eyes of just a rejected person? suicidal, homocidal, homosexual... any way that society rejects a person, this si through the eyes of them... i dont entirely know. I dont know what the poison called art is. Maybe how people ENJOY regecting these people...? i dont know! but its definitely good. i love the line "It all seeps out like aromatherapy candles digging through our bodies"... that is just WOW! its like visuals, smells, feelings, just AH! wow! Good job

7/1/2003 c1 Just Wolf
That was amazing. twisting, turning, powerful, incredible, confusing, beautiful, stimulating words. i loved them, and this story. it was so powerful, so pungent, so beautiful, deadly. it was fuckin' rapid, so it was, and im only saying that because it was so incredible im awestruck. ur writing is getting more incredible, if thats possible. ur so talented, and this story is straight on my favourite list.
6/30/2003 c1 21Kay Harlow
That was an amazing poem. The words and just everything about this poem made it amazing. This poem is different and very unique from most of the other poems on this site. I don't think I've read a poem like this yet. It just held a lot of depth and straight forward honest meaning. You did an excellent job.
6/30/2003 c1 3Angerona
Again i am in awe.

This is great really great.

Really true.

Really brave it seems to me.

REally from your mind and what you think and feel and love and are right here on paper and it really impresses me. :D

~Angerona the Goddess of Death~

P.S When you look around and see that everything is wrong, then it is time to stand up and leave.
6/30/2003 c1 35Careing-Angel
thats real good one the way ppl are r looked at.

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