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12/8/2003 c3 fleur
That quote is beautiful.
12/8/2003 c2 fleur
I'm not a fan of trios but will they have a bigger part in the future? I like the way Ben sounds. He soudns like my boyfriend.
12/8/2003 c1 fleur
This reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. You konw how in the begining, they had that prologue?
10/23/2003 c3 Kat
Awesome chapter. A bit of repetitive words but altogether good. Me like.
10/3/2003 c3 Jeff
You know, it's not fair that Ryan always gets to do things first. But yeah, I think the story's good. If other people don't, I'm your friend. I count more.

Love you.
10/3/2003 c3 Ryan
Hey sweetie! The story's going great. I really appreciate you doing this. Even if it isn't for me and Jeff, we both love you and Helia for writing the story.

Love, always,

Ryan & Jeff
9/24/2003 c1 crazyperson27
awsesome story man!
9/23/2003 c3 Supperchunks
Yay! Plot develpement! Rhys has the kind of contacts I want! He sounds like an interesting character, though I haven't a clue how to pronouce his name. Cool idea with the tatoos! Any possible way you could update a bit faster? Please?
9/9/2003 c2 moi
love it as always.
8/31/2003 c2 Jaymme
Update soon
8/28/2003 c2 odevisky
aw...i feel sorry for Brin and the disturbing roomates... if i ever get a gay guy as a roomate i hope he has the sense not to have sex in the room when i'm there... specially when i need to concentrate on important things... i dont kno what important things yet but i will figure it out soon...anywho... yay for Brin!
8/28/2003 c1 odevisky
I'M IN LOVE WITH BRIN ALREADY! JESS SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE I KNO... anywho... this sounds really good so far^^ i hope u keep on writing
8/27/2003 c2 angeepangee
wutz oz supposed to do wit dis?
8/15/2003 c2 Tami
Aw...Poor Brin.
8/15/2003 c1 Tami
It's great so far.
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