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for Then and Now Part 2

12/21/2012 c2 Guest
Imperfect, unenjoyable sex... I think I might've just fell in love with you as an author! Believability, I thought it was extinct, but you've just proved it's only merely endangered. Gods bless you!
7/8/2012 c14 Guest
Ah, what can I say... I like part 1 a lot. The beginning was perfect and middle part too. But at the end it became less believable or somethings? Like a fairy tale...?
Part 2 is still well written. But it goes less and less away from real life situations. Like, unnnexpected coincidences and stuff.
Please keep up writting! All characters have real personalities, your writting style is amazing too. I would keep more attention to the plot. Keep it more real no matter what gender you use.
P.S. I didn't mean to offent you in any way by my comments.
1/29/2009 c14 NarutoVixin
i found your tales through someone elses links and i love this one and the first one i just wanted to ask if this one is finished or are you still working on chapters? couse i LOVE it its cute funny and romantic
7/13/2008 c14 i-see-faeries
Cute. :D I love Taz and Tsin. They're my favorite characters in this. I want to see more of them. Great job. Much love.
3/3/2008 c12 4frolic-horror
The part where Faun and the prostitute play acted on how to pump gas was so good! I'm in love :) But this chapter has the killer sentence "Thankfully, the lust for sweets overcame the mans cautious nature and he stepped aside." which is just too funny and cute. Indeed... the lust for sweets... too many of us fall victims to it :D
6/14/2007 c14 6theStarfly
Wow. Just... wow. They're such an awesome couple together! I hope this is still being written (is it?) I can't wait to hear more of this story unfolding if it is!

Taz and Tsin are adorable too, and Min and ... Narib? is that his name? I'm bad with names, would be really cute together as well. It would be an interesting pairing to say the least.

You're an amazing writer, and this is a well written story, with a good, thick plot. It's so hard to find good yaoi out there! Please continue!

Good job, This is wonderful!
1/13/2007 c14 6the sacred night
Wow, what fluff. Is this the end? It was posted long ago and I guess it is. It's a good ending, I like it a lot. It doesn't quite answer whether or not Lin pursues the kidnappers or the rest of the guys that used to abuse Faun, and we don't get much resolution to the situation with Taz, Tsin, and Min. Still, I like the resolution with Lin and Faun.
1/13/2007 c12 the sacred night
Rain and Janet got together fast. Last I heard, they were holding hands shyly, now they live together? Whoa.

I can only imagine what crazy things will result from Faun sneaking into his own house like a burgular.

And volunteering Lin to make baklava? I'm still laughing. And picturing it. And laughing some more.
1/13/2007 c11 the sacred night
Lena is hilarious. Who knew it was even possible to make pumping gas dirty? Nice that she ended up helpful, at least.

Tsin, Min, and Taz are going to be very put out when they realize Lin broke Faun out without the need to kill Sidney at all. All that for nothing. And too bad nadir appears to be out of te story for good. Although I don't guess he's really been important enough yet to justify so many convenient coincidences involving him and so much angst on Min's part, so maybe he'll be back? Please?

Once again, I love the ladies of Tsin's family.
1/13/2007 c10 the sacred night
I don't think a side story is necessary unless you really, really want to pursue Taz and Tsin as a couple more. I thought what you gave us was sufficient for this story.

I was intrigued with Nadir from his first appearance, but he just gets more and more fascinating, doesn't he? I'm glad he turned out to be at least somewhat important, and I'm really curious what he's doing there, too.

Aww, Taz not being used to non lustful compliments is sad, but not unexpected. Reminds me of way back when he was sad that he hadn't found someone he wanted to share his life with, but found plenty of people he wanted to share a bed with and that was enough for the moment.

I see what you meant by 'questionable' in your warning. I figured it'd be more theft, breaking and entering type stuff. I definitely didn't expect prostitution, and it was creepy that Faun was so excited and not at all bothered by it. Makes sense in a twisted way, but still creepy. It makes me wonder about Lin a little bit, too, just because I always got the impression it was only an act to get close to a target with him, not that he'd actually go through with it.

It's amusing how much amusement Faun gets out of breaking the law in other ways. I remember his first taste of it, when he bought that present he still hasn't given Lin. He got a thrill out of that, too, and said if that was what Lin felt like when he broke the law, he could understand the draw. Then with stealing cars, etc. in the last couple chapters, and it cracked me up when he asked if they could go steal stuff together once this was over. In an odd way, it might actually bring them closer and allow Faun to accept Lin's life a little more.

It was really freaky how Faun thought of Angel after he masturbated. And I was also wondering about that whole pets not being able to masturbate thing, like how they could possibly not be able to. I guess they are just taught not to.

I love Tsin's mom and aunt. Finally some women with backbone. And I love how Lin doesn't even argue, just tells them how they can help.

Dun dun dun, Faun remembers! So it was the collar the whole time. Of course. And then we don't get any scenes with him after that. So frustrating, but I'm sure we'll manage.

It's amusing how good Taz is at being sub.

I'm confused about the plan. Do they plan to kill Sidney while he's distracted in a room full of people? Won't all those people, you know, not go for that? I can see how not all of them are exactly keen on him, but surely a few must be?

Actually, I'd be really interested in a side story about Nadir. Possibly Nadir and Min, but I'd settle for just Nadir. I must explain that the reason I like him so much is because he reminds me of one of my characters, although my blond male stripper doesn't have such a malevolent aura. Mine's a very nice guy with an angsty life, and his name is Chris. Although he does work in a club that's designed like an old Middle Eastern harem, so Nadir would fit in well.
1/13/2007 c9 the sacred night
I'm glad we got so much of Lin and Faun this chapter, it was weird having the story focus so much on the other characters. I certainly didn't expect a Taz/Tsin lemon, that bit was surprising. I always thought of them as cute and light, not hot and heavy. They were the comic relief, or some of it anyway.

And of course, while the rest of them think everything's been left to them, leave it to Lin to accomplish more than any of them without leaving his bed.

It's nice that Faun has warmed up to Lin again, but sad that he misses the kidnappers. Ew. Hopefully that part goes away soon, although I hope the kidnappers stay in the story at least long enough to find out a little more about them. I'm curious about the little sickos.

You call your characters by the wrong names sometimes, like at the very end of this chapter, Min tells Taz that Taz really cares about him, and I can only assume you mean Tsin. A lot of the guys do have similar names, they're all three or four letters, two of the main ones start with T, and Lin, Tsin, and Min all rhyme.

Speaking of names, is Faun ever going to get a real name? When Lin named him that he seemed to think of it as temporary and while better than 16, still not a real name.
1/13/2007 c8 the sacred night
Well at least Lin got to Faun instead of somewhere else completely. What an interesting way to break him out. Although it seems like it'd be easier if Lin physically went there, but maybe he really can't get back into his body?

The kidnappers are really creepy, great job on them. If they were cruel and pure evil, it would be easy to dismiss them as just villains, but with the touches of them being nice to each other, Sere talking fondly of this person who was claimed by the vampire counsel (is it Angel? They do seem close...) etc. it really makes them seem more three dimensional and multifaceted. Plus, the way they seem to try to please Faun somewhat as they rape him is really, REALLY creepy, almost like they don't realize that what they're doing is rape. Surely they must realize that he only appears consenting because they have brainwashed him.

Taz and Tsin are hilarious as always, and Min fits perfectly into the scheme of their antics. I should have known there weren't enough non straight people in this story yet... but the dynamics between the three of them confuse me. Taz doesn't surprise me at all by being attracted to both of them, because he's always been a slut, in a good way. Both of them are attracted to him, which again wouldn't surprise me that much since most people are. They could have a threesome if Tsin and Min weren't cousins (can you tell I have a thing about threesomes?), and ordinarily my train of thought would stop there, but Min did mention he was attracted to Tsin at one point, so... are you planning something here? And I thought bestiality was as kinky as you would get... because although the scene with Lin and Faun wasn't bestiality, the scene with Lin's parents might be if I understand it right. Lin's dad wasn't an elf, right? He wasn't like Lin, able to take two forms, he was just always a cat, wasn't he? Well I guess that's not really relevant at the moment, but I'm still not sure I've got it right.

And I'm looking forward to seeing Min's reaction to the stripper, since he doesn't appear prepared enough to keep himself from reacting somehow.

And this Yuzuki chick. I don't know what to make of her. I was ready to like her, I guess because there are so few women in the story at all, but then the way Taz got all defensive and then how oblivious she is about Tsin's sexuality, and then her blubbering when Tsin left, and the mom's comment on her "sheltered upbringing" all made me kind of not like her. I don't guess we're supposed to, but it's unfortunate. I was looking forward to a female character I could actually like. I mean, Rain and Janet are okay, but we see very little of them, and even though she's innocent (as far as we know), Janet was still a little too mixed up in the horrible events of the other story for my taste, and I never liked her all that much to start with, so I wasn't too inclined to try and like her again afterward. Rain, then, is the only likeable female we've met so far. I wish I could see her more often, because as much as I love the boys, I need a woman to identify with as well.
1/12/2007 c7 the sacred night
You have certainly got a lot of things going on here. Wow, and here I thought things were going to be too easily resolved. I stand corrected.

I'm wondering about Faun's mental state. He seems to think he's back with his old owners and that this is natural, as if he doesn't even remember any of the time with Lin. I guess that has something to do with whatever the kidnappers did to him to block his communication with Lin. It's sad that he doesn't even have that bit of hope, but then it saves him from the erroneous idea that he's somehow cheating on Lin, because even though he has no choice in the matter he'd probably still blame himself. He still might once this is over. He seems to have some memory of Lin in his subconscious, because his dreams seem more important than reality to him which might mean they are indeed indicators of something real, namely Lin, and also because there seems to be this motif of dark blue in his dreams, which is probably also alluding to Lin. And then you've screwed around with Lin's mental state as well... whoa, this is complicated.
1/12/2007 c5 the sacred night
I agree with Faun, house hunting should be a daily errand from now on! If that kind of stuff happened to me when I was apartment hunting I'd never stop. Although when my fiance and I go house hunting sex may indeed follow, because we're adept at doing it with other people in the house and never letting said people find out we did it in the next room. Hmm, house hunting sex. That's a new fantasy for me. And in a house made to resemble flying saucers. Funny thing is, around where I'm from there actually is a house made to resemble a flying saucer, but it's not on stilts and it's all one big saucer instead of several. My fiance and I should have sex in it and then buy it.
1/12/2007 c4 the sacred night
Hm. I was expecting it to take more for their sexual dysfunction to be resolved. I figured it had something to do with the rape... let's face it, that's what it was, although not by Faun. It's more like they were both raped in different ways. Anywho, I figured that was the reason Lin didn't enjoy sex anymore, because he seemed so keen on the idea before. And I thought it was pretty interesting that he enjoyed it when he was in cat form, because it makes sense that he would have no fear of it in that state and partly also because being bigger probably meant a bigger hole, which wouldn't hurt. I figured they'd have to work through some more emotional issues surrounding it before he enjoyed it again in his humanoid form.

Speaking of their sex life... it amuses the crap out of me that Faun didn't seem at all shocked or put off by the idea of going to an orgy. Or perhaps Lin's sense of humor is just rubbing off on him?

And, forgive my dirty mind for wandering this direction, but I recall far, far back in the other story where Lin mentions that when elves move into new houses, they "spill their seed" on the ground to commemorate it. Will he share this information with Faun? Because I can't see Faun not wanting to do it.

I look forward to Lin's finding out what mistletoe is actually for. And Faun will be so disappointed if it turns out elves don't celebrate Christmas at all. Seems to me they wouldn't, but who knows?
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