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10/13/2006 c22 AmbrosiusEmrys
10/6/2005 c22 asga
o.O i like this hope u continue this soon ne
10/22/2004 c22 lostinscotland
::sigh:: and once again, i am somewhat behind the times. how do i always manage to do that?
ah, well...very interesting. i must say, elizabeth is quite...blargh...easily angered? if that's the word i want. of course, pregnancy does things to you, but i don't think it's that. i agree with her that husbands shouldn't order wives around...but wow, she's touchy. personally, i like a man who's got that whole leadership thing going for him. but that's just me. i'm an old-fashioned person like that, i guess.
woot, big house! i wish i had a house i could get lost in. well, no, actually...i daresay that would be rather inconvenient everytime i had to go somewhere. i'd get fired everytime i got a job! ::sigh::
ok, well, i think i'll shut up now. i need to go to bed anyway. after i write a bloody essay. argh, argh, argh, and again i say argh!
ok, well, g'night to ye! and update again soon, yes?
6/24/2004 c22 passion101
wow, it's been awhile! But, it was long enough. I liked it a lot.
6/21/2004 c22 16Mackenzie Rose
Yay! Finally a new chapter! Very nice. And what's Katie up to? Will we see it soon? I think the baby should SO be a son! I'm sorry about your boyfriend... guys suck. And yay for your B in physics... I got a B in physics too. God that killed me. I worked SO hard for that thing! Yay for us! But yes, good chapter! Don't keep me waiting too long please.
I'm glad you like my stories. ^_^ I re-vamped my Pirates story, so there's some new things added in and it's better (I think).
6/21/2004 c22 7faeries-flame
Wow! Finally, an update! I loved this chapter! Congratulations on your grade on AP Physics, wow, you must be smart, eh? :)
Sorry to hear that your boyfriend broke up with you...I kinda know how you feel, since I recently broke up with my boyfriend, :( Well, I hope you have better luck next time.
6/21/2004 c22 LaFleurRouge
Oh wow, Ihaven't read any of this story in awhile. After I started reading I remembered more and more. Can't wait until the next chapter, I hope you'll throw in some twist to keep your readers on their toes. Until the next chapter...
3/13/2004 c21 lostinscotland
...i read this like forever ago, and never reviewed. terribly sorry about that.
anyhow, very good. katie amuses me, david is still evil, and yeah. yay america!
2/21/2004 c21 Flamehail
Yay! I finally got around to things a bit. I'm not dead, really, I promise I'm not. ^_^
**"before your go on" = "before you go on"
**It's "dying" not "dieing"
**Umm, still some "your"s instead of "you're"s. The former indicates possession (my coat, your gloves), the latter, a contraction (you are going to love this = you're going to love this). If you try writing in the full phrase (you are) and then going back and contracting it to "you're", you ought to improve a bit.
**Commas, commas. You're (not your!) getting better, though there are still some problems. Still, improvement is good.
Katie is an evil tricksy one, isn't she? Can't wait to find out what happens.
I suppose you achieve good grammar technique through practice more than anything else. I'm not sure. It's always just made sense to me-luckily for you, no? ^_^
'Til next time,
2/20/2004 c21 Kelley
I love this story! I've been reading it for a while lol. Please update...what's the deal with Katie? She isn't gonna do anything that'll hurt Elizabeth, Gregory, or David, is she? I hope not..lol. But this is brilliant..keep it up! :)
2/12/2004 c2 lux perpetua
this is an awesome start to a story! Most time-travel tales are rather formulaic, but having Stephanie engaged definately added some variety. (One girl on our floor also left college to get married...surreal...)
I was wondering if you would like to read one of my stories. It's set in the Victorian Era, and it's called Chancery Court: A Romance. (Actually, it's more of a fantasy/thriller... I'm not that good with genre!) It has a dastardly villain, a valiant schoolmistress, and a rebellious young aristocrat. I think you'll enjoy it!
2/8/2004 c21 16Mackenzie Rose
Heheheh sorry, I can't help it. Well this was a great chapter. Elizabeth's pregnant! WAHO! Boy or girl? *bounces around excitedly* I can't wait!
2/6/2004 c2 4Crimson2
This is a really good story! I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters...and moving on haha
2/6/2004 c21 22DragonLady of Avalon
Oh, yay, a baby. ^_^ And my writer's block is over...after about a week with a word processor just out of my reach. ~_~;. Speaking of which, i'm almost done with my pet novel. Weird feeling...
2/5/2004 c21 ShadowsMidnightScandal
aw... a baby... awesome chapter... hope you update soon...
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