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4/17/2007 c2 13morbidmel
OH wow. I'm actually tearing up. This, the facts are just so real. It's so profound and emotionally intense.

Thank you so much for writing this essay. Now, I can understand more about my culture... although its a small step, its a step nonetheless.

I hope I can be one of those children who can respect their elders and become the future generations they hoped us to be.

I really hope so. Thanks again...
4/17/2007 c1 morbidmel
Although, I am Hmong. I'd have to say I'm quite lucky because I've never gone through the racial discrimination that you've just defended yourself against in your "comment". Which is a very long one, might I add...
6/1/2006 c2 vivid dreamland
I enjoyed reading this essay. I've never heard of the Hmong before but after reading this...I can see that they've really gone through rather hard times. Discrimination and racism *really* sucks but I guess it takes time for people to abandon their narrow outlook...this was a great essay, it's not simply a recount of the "Asian in America" experience but shows that not every immigrant comes just to make it rich...no wonder you got a good grade!
8/15/2005 c1 Anonymous
This is a very good, informative, nutshell essay. Enjoyed reading it. :)

As a suggestion, what about some historical fictions in the Hmong/Secret War setting? This would have the double benefit of reaching those who wouldn't actually read an informative piece, and also, people generally tend to remember stories better than essays. I bet, if you had a story about a Hmong family who had to flee, and the summary saying something like, "war forces a family into a foreign land" you might snag more readers, even those who initially feel an anti-Asian bias.

Kudos to you for not abandoning your roots! :D
2/6/2005 c2 TwEeZy
yeah ive heard of hmongs. theres a whole community in stockton. love their cultural dance with all those coins n stuff. the only words i know is eci. hahah...good essay tho...
11/1/2004 c1 4kaab
SPEak IT GIRL! ahah!
Foe real... not alot of people understand how it feels, i hope they just drop right in the middle of nowhere and try to see if they can survive for a month without being harmed in any way! welps, you can't blame'EM! it's not heir fault we were in such of a SECRET war that even the elders (the most) never knew we were apart of! it wouldn't have matter! Just rEMEMber to never disrespect unless you know what right! my advice!
Gotta LOVE Meeh!
4/19/2004 c2 1The Liddo 1
wow...that was awesome... ive never seen ne one who really put effort to writing about our hmong heritege.. well thank you for spreading the knowledge of us to everyone..thanx...
8/12/2003 c2 7Unbirthday
I really enjoyed reading your essay about the Hmong, although I have never heard of them. I'm glad you did post this essay, because people who read your essay will be more informed about different cultures and learn to be more open-minded rather than ignorant.

People are always afraid of what's new and different, but I like how with each generation (like the one right now), and new period is becoming more informed about things and accepting. We'll always have racism and discrimination, but hopefully that too will swindle away... Also, what I like about the States is that it's represented by the "Melting Pot". =O)

Just one thing. When you described what a Hmong person looks like you said to look at an Asian, any Asian... well, even between Asians people look very different. The only difference between Asians and Caucasians is what hair color one is born with, really. I just don't agree with that part, because all Asians don't look alike, and it's kind of rude to believe that and accept it.
7/5/2003 c2 ight Sky
Wow, no wonder you got a good mark on this essay. I've never heard of the Hmong people before (so what else is new?^_^) but I can see that they are closely related to the Chinese. Where are the highlands of Laos located exactly? I was just wondering.

I'm not intending to be racist here at all, but do you really think that the Hmong people will be accepted and well-known to Americans and other nationalities alike in the future? It is pretty unlikely, seeing that the quantities of Hmong immigrants do not seem that big. Of course I wish it would, since all cultures should be appreciated and known, but great essay anyways! Don't be offended!

*Whew...that's a long review ^_^*
7/4/2003 c2 openeyesache
Wow. This was really good. I've never heard of the Hmong people before. I'm impressed with this work.
7/3/2003 c2 1serasivad
That was a beautiful and very expressive method of explaining a conroversial subject. I have actually never heard of the Hmong and I appreciate you posting an essay on them.

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