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9/10/2009 c1 4xrawritskalix
I agree with everything that you said. Only if I see stories with mistakes, I might just read them anyway if I want to laugh. But then I review them and tell the author what they can fix and what do you get? They post another story and they took none of my advice. That annoys me the most with stories. I never insult those authors either. I just tell them maybe to get a beta and some other things. Getting a beta is simple enough, right? Oh well, I don't want to waste all of my space on a rant about these authors.

I rarely enjoy stories with characters that aren't even in character. That just makes me think that the author is lazy and could care less about what the characters are really like. I rarely read a story with characters that aren't in character, though I usually read stories based on their category and summary.

I honestly like script format too. Sadly, I don't think I've ever really seen a story where the author properly used the format like you said. They usually just say a character name and a sentence. And that's the whole story, just with alternating characters. That really is boring. Okay, rant number two could go on, but once again I'm going to end it now for the sake of anyone trying to read this whole thing.

All in all, great story. I hope more authors here find this and take your advice. That would make the fanfiction world a whole lot better. Well, that's all I have to say. I can't wait to read more of your stories!

9/9/2009 c1 2SplintofGrass
Ooh, I hope you won't be too hard on author avatars. (As opposed to Mary Sues.) Nice note on scripts, the idea didn't even enter my mind.
8/31/2007 c1 starsfinallyxplode
Actually, an interesting thing about Shakespeare's plays is that most of them do not contain details of scenery and costumes. He rarely gives any stage directions besides "enter" and "exit" (and even most of those are supplied by the editor of the text you're reading, not Shakespeare himself). That's because Shakespeare intended his scripts only for his own acting company, and not for publication. Speaking of using correct facts. :)

Anyway, you've done a marvelous job here. I was planning on writing an essay on this myself, from the perspective of a reader rather than a writer. But as you've said it much better than I could have done, I will just favorite this instead.
3/10/2007 c1 16Enigmatic Night
Hey I found that very interesting indeed, you broached a number of areas that I've noticed as well.

Your observations on titles and summary have an odd ring of truth in them, that's only because I've seen a lot of them in use.

However you didn't bring up the old "Summary inside. In first chapter..." Like their luring you in. Haha, paranoia much?

Anyway good essay, I'm off to read your Mary Sue one next. Sounds good.
9/12/2006 c1 m34n00b
Sockpuppets? Nah. I thought it was interesting you could favoritize people who did not even publish a single story.

It's a shame they had taken everything down. You look like a decent writer. Whatever they had up there would have been decent as well.
9/11/2006 c1 m34n00b
I take offense. I was going to leave a review as a registered member, and yet I was blocked. What did I ever do to you?

I find it interesting that most of the authors on your favorite list have 0 stories up.
7/23/2004 c1 24katmonkey
Good essay and good advice *thumbs up*
5/26/2004 c1 Samurai Katagi
Yeah, I know what you mean. Good fics are usually swallowed up by the bad ones. That's why I only got 4 reviews on one of my more better fanfics (A Reversed Swan Lake...it's an Inu Yasha fic)
Inu Yasha is an extremely popular Anime and is ruined a lot by many beginners who spend one hour, using a messed up script style, and only write about 563 words per chapter. My Inu Yasha fic was almost 50 words, spell checked and slaved over for 2 and a half weeks, only to have been swallowed up by several fanfics posted at the exact time as mine. So that just proves you're right.
And hurry and write about Mary-Sues...they're annoying the hell out of me.
Note to self and all writers: Never post on Saturday after school. That's when most of those beginner stories show up. If you want your fic to be read post on a weekday.
3/5/2004 c1 15Tempest Epilogue
I found this to be quite useful. Some good notes that are useful to remember. And also, I agree with you a lot on title and summary. I am much more likely to read something if the title sounds interesting, or witty, or just like it could be a good story. And the summaries are useful for pretty much the same thing as the title, only they can elaborate on the title a bit more. Also, a fairly thorough summary will actually give people a clue as to whether or not they actually do want to read this. Because without a bit of summary, the story/poem/whatever might turn out not to be the kind of thing they planned on reading.
I also like, in a summary, when people give a reason for the rating. If there are two stories, and they are both rated PG-13, one might be rated as such for a completely different reason than the other.
Anyhow, I thought this was well-written and a good summary of making stories appear readable and interesting. Thank you for it. :)
12/25/2003 c1 2ConfectusPapilio
good essay! thanks for writing!
10/21/2003 c1 kentes

That was totally helpful. Thank you.



I think I'll stop there. ^_^
9/24/2003 c1 21red-nail-polish
Well, I have found some of this useful. I am notorious for the "voices in the dark" thing. I only seem to do that when I do it in script format. Most of the time it can be assumed in my works that all the characters are there unless I have stated otherwise earlier.

There was one time that I wrote a mary-sue. At first I didn't even realize it. The fact is, in retrospect, that it was a truely horrid piece of work. I am proud to say that I deleted it within a week.

I would be very glad if you made some commentary on "song-fics". I'm sure that you have heard of them, it's when a writer puts a story with a song narrarating it.

I'm putting this on my favorites; good job.
9/12/2003 c1 57NeWriter
I agree with you on almost everything you said. Sometimes the topic is the reason why people read it; and sometimes it's just the tile and summary. The "Untitled" title isn't by any means saying that the person doesn't know where the story is going. It's just that maybe, they can't find a good title! I always write stories and when i get the first chapter ready... THEN I try to think of one. Luckily, I always get a title; but there are people who don't! I'm against the people who say " I want 5 reviews or I won't post the next chapter" kind of thing... it's actually making the readers feel OBLIGED to review. No way.

I do agree with the Author's Note at the end or start... and other than that; very good essay! I found it that you wrote it very thoroughly...=)
8/24/2003 c1 4Kaz Anagros
Sorry, but you've got it all wrong...if you want your fic read, your summary needs to include one or more of these things: the word "vampire", an adult content warning (preferably a yaoi warning), an emoticon of your choice (^_^ suggested), or lastly, it must contain the words "RR PLZ!" "REED PLZ!" or "rNr PLZ!" where the number of exclamation points dictates just how badly you want your story to be read.

Some other things that get a story read are less than one thousand words per chapter (the shorter the better), crossovers, blatant unintelligence, rape, and of course complete disregard for how the characters you are using act in the anime/book/cartoon you are fanficing for. (NOTE: If you are writing original fiction, this may or may not apply).

I shouldn't be serious when I say this, but sadly, I am. So go out, fellow writers, and continue to reduce the quality of writing here on this great site! Go! Go now!

8/24/2003 c1 210Kelpylion
oh. Nice...more good fanfic advice. I'd like to hear that Mary Sue one.
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