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10/6/2012 c2 Guest
I haven't stopped laughing since I read this. I'm a Christen turned Atheist. Nice poem though could tell you mean it which is a bit sad, you can love yourself without a God/Gods or Goddess. And if you ever have kids let them believe whatever they want and don't tell them their going to hell if there bad use jail or something.
5/15/2007 c3 Hidden Flowers
Whoopee! Somebody with a head on their shoulders! Most people are to scared to state that they believe.
7/27/2004 c1 3ElvenNight
As a believer, I greatly apreciated this poem. It was very well written, and I enjoyed reading it!
7/1/2004 c3 ChickneSholay
Hello! Well First I want to say that was a wonderful poem, it was beautiful. Second I think I should state in the beginning I’m an atheist. And I understand where a few of the other reviewers got the impression from your poem that you were saying all atheists were angst driven, suicidal, and angry at the world, that was my first impression and I think that I still believe that that was basically what the poem said…but you said wasn’t so I won’t say anymore on that. Now on to the part where atheists blame god for anything. Now I won’t speak for the whole but I don’t blame him for anything because doing so would make me a hypocrite. I think that the idea that atheists think like that is from people thinking we turn away from God because we are mad at him, which for some is true but not the majority. Or when someone says that if there is a God why is there still suffering. All atheists/agnostics I know including me just don’t believe because the lack of hard core proof and just no connection that everyone talks about. And when someone uses suffering as an example I believe that it’s more of a way just to ask why if there is a god is he letting this happen to people, not blaming him or saying that he should help, just asking why if he is there is all this happening. I might be assuming but sometimes I think people get being an atheist and just being mad at god but still believing he is there confused. The reason I think that most of the poetry that you have found written by atheists that complain about religion is because (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t write poetry so I could be really mistaken) to write a good poem there needs to be a strong emotion and anger is a good one for atheist when writing a poem, it gets old really fast being told you’re going to hell. I want to say Thank you soo much for saying you could very well be wrong, I have many religious friends and have been told so many times they are right I am wrong and going to hell. I know I very well could be wrong and I just wanted to say thanks for admitting that you could be wrong. Hey we both could be wrong, no one is going to know till they die and something happens or doesn’t happen. But now that I just wrote the longest review in my life I’ll give you my email address and leave you be.XD
(It might not work if you try it…the computer hates me a lot of the time)
One last note...I really did love your poem!
5/6/2004 c2 none
i resent the fact that the only three belief systems listed on this page are christian, atheist, and agnostic. what about judaism? What about hinduism? bhuddism? islam? they are all valid religions
3/12/2004 c2 1Monkeerench
Beautiful poem. *applause*
I think I might be an atheist. No, maybe I'm not. I don't think that there's a false religion out there, besides those creepy Satanic cults and stuff.
Sometimes, you need to believe in something. It doesn't really matter if its true or false.
12/3/2003 c3 elfpoet
YOU ROCK! I truly admire you for your courage to publish this! In my opinion you are not an ignorant fool but a truly cool Christian. I am a Christian (could you guess?) and this poem is not stupid but really really good. all i can say is AMEN! great job...
11/17/2003 c2 brokenbranches
v.nice it reall makes you think I am a bit of a nothing when it comes to religion but this really makes you think twice about what you belive...3times...4...5 ^o^ he he
10/20/2003 c3 orangefreak33
I'm not Christian, for starters. I have a dislike for organized religion in general, because I believe that everyone should be free to find their spirituality on their own. I find the Bible contradictory. I lead a very happy and full life. After long searches, I found an organized religion I think I could live with (w.uua.org), because it makes no claims on the existance/non-existance of God/gods. This is getting long. You know where to find me.
8/21/2003 c1 1F. Teague
::is still attempting to decide just how to react to this:: It is a very good poem, that's one thing for sure. I am not precisely an atheist, but I'm not much of anything else, either. I really dislike church and only go when forced, I don't believe in the bible (though some of what it has to say I think is very good advice), and I do not believe in Jesus. Basically what I believe is that there is a higher power, and as I have said many times, for lack of a better word I call it God. I think mainly my problem is that I cannot put my faith in something I have never actively seen working; I'm too suspicious for that. It honestly creeps me out when some of my very religious (and Mormon) friends speak of how they can't wait for 'The Second Coming' and how they think it will happen when they are alive. It makes me want to twitch and then run screaming. Honestly. But hey, all I can say is that I am very happy you are nice to us non-believers; I've had people telling me I was going to Hell, in which case I (very kindly, of course x.x) pointed out that I also did not believe in Hell. At which point my friend reassured me that if I believed in Jesus by the time I died, I would be going to Heaven. Is this like that 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' thing? (I could go in the store without pants on! ^^) So if I believe in Jesus when I die, bot not God, I shall go to Heaven? I dunno -.-
8/16/2003 c1 10V. Parrot Face
I gotta hand it to you- this is more convincing than all the pamphlets and pocket bibles I've ever been handed. Religion is a topic I enjoy discussing in a friendly way. You can email me at .
7/22/2003 c3 30quietdrama22
its a good piece of writing. I dont know whether I am an atheist or not, though I am Jewish...but this really caused me to think. Keep writing, and I am glad that you tackled this subject (of God )and its controversy (is there a God or isn't there) well. This is definetly going on my Favorite stories list : )
7/17/2003 c1 9Magentian
Aww... ^_^ This is a sweet one. Good point, too... It's pretty seldom that one gets someone so fervently Christian and willing to offer God's love and acceptance to atheists and the like without imposing or forcing it on them. Even if it doesn't convert anyone, it's still a really thoughtful, heartfelt poem, and anyone can see that. ^_^ Good job.
7/13/2003 c3 4Lockea Stone
You seem a little flustered.

I'm a Christian and I found this poem to be very well written. God does take all our pain and sorrow that we throw at him. But even though we may believe in God, bad things happen to everyone. Look at Masons, and look at the Jews. And let's not forget what the book of Job is all about.

I'm really grateful you're trying to reach out. Some people give up just because everyone is being close minded.

I have a question for you. Have you ever read Left Behind? Try recommending that. That might wake them up, discovering the truth of God through a bunch of people who didn't believe.

Great job with your poem.

7/11/2003 c3 3careless whisper
here is my email if you have desire to email me:
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