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for Broken

2/21/2009 c1 like-diamonds
ok, so you got this off an email. im going to say thats its good you got inspiration from something else and made it into your own little thing.

a little too much of the "broken" aspect though. i began to get a little tired of it after the third line. . . hope tht didnt sound too mean.

kk thts it. with some practice i think youll go far. keep it up.
1/27/2005 c1 CoolWeirdo
Man. That's pretty deep. I like it. Good job...bit depressing but its well written, cool.
1/1/2001 c1 Heleny
Great for 1st poem!
12/20/2000 c1 Aurelia Violet
Cool! I read that somewhere. Did you know it's actually true? Great job! :cþ
12/18/2000 c1 PikaCheeka Im a lazy freak hahahahahaha
O, the one German stole! Lol!
12/10/2000 c1 obiwanrocks
interesting. very depressing. i love it! i can really relate to the despair that radiates out of the words. it's great.
12/9/2000 c1 Carrie
Ok I'm sorry but this is plagerism. I have read this story before in one of the Chicken Soup books and my health teacher read it to us last year! I'm sorry but to rip off something that can be as sad as that is really low. I can't believe you.
12/8/2000 c1 TwizT
good... but didnt i get a forwarded email about this same thing like 2 years ago from some of my peeps?
12/8/2000 c1 Homeskillet
A lot like other poems I've read, but still pretty cool.
12/8/2000 c1 5StarGlider
How sad! I like it, but I know I've heard this story somewhere before...
12/8/2000 c1 3Neya Trinidad
that is really sad. but also very good.

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