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7/5/2003 c1 30Whispers Of You
oh dam gurl,

i duno if this is from personal experience or not but if it is, u must b in such pain... i kant say i know exactli how u feel, but im pretti much goin thru da same, arent guy mates da most oblivious creatures in the world? i duno da exact situation but he mite b confused himself n not know wat to do (guy thing u knw *sighs*) or he mite not know ur pain, or I'm sori to hev to say this especialli sicne i duno ur actual situation but he mite not kare bout u *cringes n makes a face* i know its hard but u shud ask him n if not then try n let go...

cuz this wont b much point in trying if hes not trying...ok, i jus gave u advice, man i'm sori if im bein annoyin, *pouts* i hev a SPECIAL ability 4 da i gues,... but tanyways, liek ur poetry,

its direct and strait to the point wich makes it stand out

good luck wif him n ur life

n ur poetry


Sworn For Destinys pain

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