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for What The Frell Are You Eating?

8/7/2003 c1 saima
Excellent! This is well-reseached and some of the methods used by the food industry are just sick.

All of my family is Muslim and so we eat halaal meat. Halaal meat is just an Islamic dietary law(like Jews eat Kosher meat, Muslims eat halaal meat). All halaal meat is slaughtered by a special butcher who before slaughtering chants in Arabic thanking God and making it "pure" to eat. All of the meat is slaughtered BY HAND. What I'm trying to get at, you didn't point out the dangers of eating meat. Rather you explained the dangers of eating meat that was mass-produced so I'm not really sure if halaal meat applies to this argument.

Other than that, this was a really superb essay. I try to always eat healthy. I rarely eat meat anyhow. Unless it's chicken, of course.
7/20/2003 c2 11Imaginary Player
What the Frell Am I Eating? Chicken and hamburgers, dammit! ^_^

I'm kidding, just ignore this. I like this essay, though. It's well written and researched. Keep Writing!

7/20/2003 c1 MauraMellon
Yes! Another vegetarian! Excellent essay, superbly researched. I'd like to add some comments that came up in a discussion with my French teacher (long story).

Besides DES, another way of promoting unnatural weight gain in cows is by stuffing them full of corn. Corn is cheap, far cheaper than alfalfa and other foods that are better for the animals; not only that, it leads to an alarming rate of fattening. Unfortunately, it is not a part of a cow's natural diet. When too much corn is eaten, it cannot be properly digested by a cow's stomachs. It forms hard lumps in the stomach, causing ulcers and infections. To fight this, the industry then feeds the cows antibiotics, which remain in the meat when humans eat it.

Antibiotics, though they sound all cheery and helpful, unfortunately increase bacteria's level of resistance to our medicine. This means that the more we use antibiotics, the less effective they become against bacteria. This IS a real and researched fact.

Although I am vegetarian for mostly idealistic reasons, the health reasons you presented also play a large part. Thank you for this excellent essay!
7/19/2003 c1 58Alyx Bradford
On the other hand, lots of people eat meat without suffering heinous consequences.

All I have to say to vegetarians is this: human beings have incisors for a reason. But to each his own.
7/19/2003 c2 8The Last Cynic
That was a ridiculously good essay. it was superbly written, well researched, thouroughly thought out, and most importantly convicing. An excellent job well done.

But seriously...what's the big deal? I mean, ingesting some superbacteria might be good for humanity. Weeds out the weak and sickly. I mean, the Government, the media, McDonald's and Wal-Mart are already trying to kill me, so why worry if the meat industry is too. We're all dead in the end, so why not enjoy it? (M...chicken)
7/18/2003 c1 33Tiefling
Thanks for reviewing, everyone.

M.B Fitzgerald- the way we evolved isn't really relevant. We have options now. Meat can be replaced by other foods, like tofu. People go without meat their entire lives without suffering for it. As I mentioned earlier, it really irritates me when people say things like 'not eating meat is unhealthy' without any nutritional information whatsoever to back it up. I'm definately going to do a chapter on that.

I didn't write about Mad Cow's Disease, although I read up on it, because I was thinking of devoting an entire section to it. You are right though, I should have at least mentioned it. So... Mad Cow's disease is very bad and scary. How's that? The British pretty much have it sorted out for the time being though.

Yes, of course you can get food poisoning from other sources. It can be spread person to person (I mentioned that in my essay), through vegetables which have come into contact with cow manure. I wasn't intending to suggest that meat was the only source of salmonella and E.Coli, just that it's a very common one.

Loganberry- I don't say I'm a vegetarian because I eat fish. Yes, fish is meat. Apparently the term for people like me is a Pesco Vegetarian . I eat fish occaisonally, because I don't believe my original reasons for giving up meat apply to fish. My family is into fishing. The ones I eat are generally caught by my parents, so they are fresh and organic. I'm somewhat dubious about the ethics of trawler fishing in terms of environmental damage, but I don't eat any endangered species and if I buy tuna I make sure it's dolphin safe.

MB Fitzgerald- Heavy metal poisoning and other environmental poisons are generally a problem only in certain kinds of fish (especially deep sea fish) found in certain areas. I won't, for example, eat 'crab sticks' which are made from catfish, which are bottom feeders, in a very polluted river. Maybe I'll do a chapter on that, though, in the interests of balance.

Omlettes- I didn't say we weren't *supposed* to eat meat. Just that we don't need it. It's not the same thing.

Calvin Fitzgerald- I couldn't force my views on you if I wanted to. you didn't have to read them.

"enjoy your spinach. I'll take the Big Mac". Never heard that one before.

I bet you spent all day thinking it up.
7/17/2003 c1 2Icy Mike Molson
While I wouldn't stop eating meat, it certainly is food for thought(hah! The pun!). I thought it'd be another vegan protest, but you know, maybe we could use a bit of cleanup in the meat packing industry...
7/12/2003 c1 1Iyona
I am NOT eating any kind of met anymore! I used to be one of those "But meat is good for you" people, but, NOT ANYMORE! I am glad i learned this because i dont want to eat another burger EVER again!


7/9/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
I liked the information you presented here. It is possible to be a healthy person without meat in your diet. I don't eat meat either and consider myself to be in good physical condition. Plus, those who are Muslim and Hindu cannot eat meat and they are fine.

~Heart of the Sword
7/7/2003 c1 17chocoholic
I didn't know most of that. But that's the type of reason I gave up meat for. Though with the state of the food industry like it is i'd be suprised if they weren't messing around (albeit, probubly not in the same sort of dangourous and digusting way) with non-meat food too. But organic is so hard to get hold of on a budget..oops i'm rambelling.

Well written, plenty of facts to back it up. The way you put forward the issue of consumer deniel is very interesting. Hope you write more!
7/6/2003 c1 2Qualia
A pretty good essay. I agree with Loganberry in that it's not really against meat so much as factory farming, lack of regulation of the slaughterhouse industry and the use of weird additives (hormones and antibiotics). That's not a gripe, it's probably exactly what you set out to write about.

A little more info on other countries' meat-growing/shipping/selling processes would have been nice, but I accept that the info isn't that easy to come by.
7/5/2003 c1 11Imaginary Player
*whining like a little kid* But I like meat! For real, though, it's informative, but I think that a little meat every now and then won't kill you; it's when you make it every meal of the day that it starts to shorten your life span. And as far as evolution is concerned (M.B. Fitzgerald), we were created, we didn't evolve from primates. Yes, I happen to believe that the world was created in six days by God.

PS: This essay was good, good like chicken. Chicken...m...
7/5/2003 c1 3Omelettes
Hey, if we weren't supposed to eat meat we wouldn't be able to. We wouldn't have canine teeth and we wouldn't be able to digest it. We do, though, so... Eh.
7/5/2003 c1 irishdancerx33
ew. all that stuff they do is just gross and horrible. i had been thinking about becoming A vegitarian, and now i am going to change, thanks for all the info
7/5/2003 c1 16Calvin Fitzgerald
Look, you can eat what you want as long as you don't force it on me. Seriously, enjoy your spinach. I'll take the Big Mac.
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