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for Why I write

9/21/2003 c1 1Lauren K
I like this, and I empathize (thats prolly wrong) with it too. You've just INSPIRED me to go (what else?) WRITE yay. so..good job!

7/7/2003 c1 9Magentian
Aww... ^_^ That was so sweet! Very good, I'm glad that you find such refuge in words, they're so ... I don't know. They let you get out all the inner stuff, so you can keep on being your superficial, uninhibited self! ^_^ Just joking. Seriously, this is one of your better poems. Congrats! *applauds*
7/5/2003 c1 1KittiBear
Yay. More greatness of poems. I really like this part "On the page I'll spill emotions,On the blanket spill my tears." Keep up the good work.

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