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7/15/2004 c1 Aducknamedjoe
Hey Wordpainter? You realize that there are currently only two countries in the world that allow same sex marraige? Belgium (or one of those Wierd European vountries) and...THE U. S. OF A (Yes, Massachusets is in the USA). Look it up, it's interesting that among all the vitriol from most Europeans about how bigoted Americans are, their own countries are even worse.
5/23/2004 c1 34Forest Passant
One word. Canada.
10/3/2003 c1 150SpawnMeister666
I'm actually going to read your second piece on this subject before passing comment...I dont think it would be fair as from what I read on your profile page part 2 is actually your rebuttal argument, so no doubt any holes I pick in this will be plugged in part 2. At least, I assume so, otherwise, why bother with a rebuttal?

9/30/2003 c1 26wordpainter241
yeah, america is so wonderful that if your gay, you can't join the military (because Lord forbid, you might love someone of the same sex, God no...)

America is so brilliant that prostitution and legalized drug-use are taboo.

America is so absolutely amazing that it has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the world.

America is so de-mock-ratic that the president rigged the last election.

America is so great that is ass fucks the rest of the planet.

Yes, america is clearly very wonderful.
9/17/2003 c1 1can-friends-really-save-y
wat a bunch of bull fuckn shit. america sucks. its the worst fuckn country in the world and every1 with a brain noes that. f.s.d.h.p.s.b.f.f.w.- and yes that does stand 4 sumthing- multiple swear word.
8/7/2003 c1 1serasivad
I like the facts you inserted and the calm, collected manner in which you write although your fourth paragraph is completely inaccurate although assuming you are a white male it is understandable. It is very hard for people who are outside of something to understand what it is truly like.

You put this on the review section of one of hnmn's essays:

"I would like to apoligize on behalf of all of use who use Fictionpress.com for the behaviour of Sevarsivad."

Number One:

You didn't spell serasivad right. That's common courtesy. If your going to verbally attack someone the least you could do is spell their screen name right.

Number Two:

I personally consider you to be narrow-minded, uninformed and a fine example of the Redneck Riviera School of Thought.

However I do not go around declaring it and apologizing for you because of the beliefs you choose to hold because

a) it would be sneaky and unmannerly and

b) it isn't my right to speak for you

"Apparently Serasivid has decided to throw out manners all together on political issues and just yell."

Number One-

Yell? I was under the impression I had TYPED my response.

Number Two:

I call it a response and not a review because that is exactly what it was.

A response to a review she left me which you were unaware of because you didn't even bother to read what I had written before passing judgement on me.

Number Three:

While I have no objection to you observing and and inserting yourself in this minor feud hnmn and I have going, it would be a good idea to shut the hell up when you have no idea what's going on.
7/9/2003 c1 Just Wolf
oh for fuck's sake. Your essay was all lies. none of those statistics stands up when youlook at them closely. and maybe, to you, america is the best country in the world but you LIVE there. i would sell my soul to the devil before moving to america, but im not saying your country is "evil." but you just can't say stuff like "my country is the best." there is no best. (i thought we were all taught this in primary school.) countries have there own merits and crappiness. Like, america has terrible health and education systems. (i have facts abt that right here if you want them.) ireland has problems with violent attacks against travellers. germany has ... can't think of any germany related problems. but im sure YOU can find some. to sum up: i don't realy have a problem with you siing america's praises with false facts, but i have a problem with you saying america is the greatest. its not. it has many problems and has done loyts of shit in its time. (i didn't want to bring up the Iraqi war but i have to). your country isnt great, neither is mine. get over it and write saner essays.
7/7/2003 c1 32Traciana Mahogany
Okay, yes, I'll grant that America is better than SOME, but is it great? No. Its not even close enough to spit on great, and I've always thought that America could spit far. You and I should have a little chat one day about exactly what is wrong and what is right with America, because it seems to me you don't know about a good deal of stuff that goes on.

7/7/2003 c1 33Tiefling
This is much better than your last essay. You've obviously researched this a bit.

I have to agree with Qualia- there's no point in arguing over which is the 'greatest nation on Earth'. It's entirely subjective. That being said, I just can't help myself but to argue about specific points in your essay.

With regard to the comment on people of other nations criticising US domestic policies, human rights are universal. I object to violations of human rights *wherever* they occur. If it's America I'm criticising here it's because it's an American (or rather, several) making ridiculous, unproveable claims of supremacy. You have the burden of proof when proof is impossible.

Yep, Americans do indeed lock up more criminals than a lot of other countries. You talk about this as if it's self evidently a good thing. It isn't. The drug laws you have are outdated and a waste of police time and public money. The US is number 1 in locking up child offenders (those under 18 at the time of their offence), though putting them in prison where they will socialise with other criminals and get a criminal record which will follow them through life, as opposed to genuinely attempting to rehabilitate them, in fact makes it more likely they will reoffend.

You say the crime rate in other countries is rising compared with the US, but you seem to have only looked at the crime rate in Britain. There are a lot of other countries in the world.

People's backgrounds do hold them down in the US as practically everywhere else. It shouldn't happen, but it does.

I look forward to the day you have a woman or a member of a minority group, or somebody poor for president. The same goes for our own prime minister

You are probably right that America is no more racist than Britain, France or Germany. However, if you're going to keep claiming you're the best you would need to prove the US is *less* racist.

Or not, depending on what your definition of 'great' is. Oh dear, this just goes around in circles.

'Racism will always be a problem'. I don't believe so. Eventually, I hope we will all interbreed until we're all the same colour. It makes us stronger as a species.

'This is simple truth'. There is *no way* you could ever prove it.

I would contend that the US is in fact hypocritical when they talk about human rights abuses in other countries and haven't sorted out their own yet.

'Our policies are working'. Massive generalisation, there. Some are, some aren't, just like anywhere else.

Why can't you just be satisfied with being an equal?
7/7/2003 c1 2Croaking
*Winces* Please check you facts.

Look at enviromental factors as well as social and political factors.

No Nation is perfect. England isn't, Russia isn't and America certainly isn't.

On the plus side, your essay was well writen and managed to get across your idea's clearly. Keep writing, research thouroghly.
7/7/2003 c1 37Guin
I laughed through the majority of this essay. 'It is simple truth.' Do you know how silly you sound when you sya that?' Hee hee. Personally, I don't think America is old enogh to qualify for the whole 'greatest nation thing' oh yeah you may be doing alright now, but in a 100 years? Leave it to the adults kid. Anyway way, is a socialist goverment a bad thing? as long as it doesn't go to far left we're alright. Actually, on the Euro thing I agree with you (a first!) I don't think Britain should go with the Euro. 'America has always stood on the ideal of everybody has the same chance of success.' Oh come on! You haven't even had a female president, at least we had Maggie Thatcher.

Despite the politcal differences I carty on watching your work wih interest. You certainly have an unusual view. Carry on writing so I can argue some more! :)
7/7/2003 c1 17chocoholic
There can never be a greatest country in the world. The whole statement is bullshit, whoever it is coming from.

The highest standerd of living in the world according to world statistics is Japan, actually. Anyway, I don't beleive letting people die if they have no health insurance is a high standerd of living, since when was having weapons more of a human right than allowing your children to live?

All countrys are both crap and good, it's a kinda blind veiw to say Americas any different to anywhere else.
7/7/2003 c1 10James Jago
Why is it that nobody from the rest of the world ever writes some equivalent to this? Are we less unreservedly patriotic, or are there just lots of Americans on FictionPress.

Not that anybody's going to emigrate just because of these essays.
7/6/2003 c1 2Qualia
I'm not going to go on about statistics etc. as the previous two reviewers have already covered my objections in those areas. Instead I'll just say that arguing about which nation/state is 'the greatest on Earth' is pointless and, when you come right down to it, impossible to resolve. It's really all down to your particular values. Different people will look for different things, and the ideal country for two different people is likely to be different. Arguing that one state is 'greater' is really just arguing that one state is 'greater for me'.
7/6/2003 c1 1David Osborn
One of the reasons America is critisized is because of the strict laws. People are locked up for small, and often harmless "crimes". For example, posessing one quarter ounce of hash. The crime may be lower, but it is done so by terrorising the people. For example, America is one of only 5 countries in the world where minors can be excecuted.

I must say that being able to have arms is the cause of much of the crime. A potential felon can have a gun, but so long as he has a permit, it can't be taken. In europe, if you have a gun, you get arrested. Permits are possible to attain, but only for hunting rifles and other such arms.

Europe is hardly socialist. I live in Ireland, which only joined the first world in the 80's. Ture, the taxes are very high, but we get more services. Free health care, just to name one. This county is well off because of the EU's policys. I do beleive that in general, the way america is run is the best road to prosparity. Do keep in mind that America has been on this road for far longer than europe, which didn't start until after the second world war.

As for America being the greatest country in the world...well, that's entirely a matter of opinion, and I don't think you should shun other countries (that you don't even live in) based entirely on statistics. It's mind-numbingly pompous.
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