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11/26/2003 c1 29Katterree Fengari
Just remember you're unique, just like everyone else...I think Einstein said that...also, in possiblity of offending you by pointing this out, about the lines "Don't feel the need/

To tell the world/

About myself", poetry is a mode of communicating...about yourself...to the world...

yea, I'm just feeling contradictory today, sorry
7/15/2003 c1 6Contradiction
Oh my god.. you did it again. I wish I could have taken you with me all those years ago just to have you say these words. This poem is very very good... Enough to say that it is awesome.
7/9/2003 c1 januliscious
oh wo! u r such a good writer! this came truly fron the heart, intensely descriptive and misty with immense feeling in the content of the words. i would SO totally love you to read my work and reveiew it!1

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