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for skin to skin the teenage years

1/31/2004 c1 acccountkiller
Hey! You write the greatest essays, honestly, this is great, and so cynical... I love it :D. Love,Mia
10/13/2003 c1 21VelvetHaven
Oh my gosh,I love this piece. You just don't even know. I can so relate, glad you put this feeling into words for me,lol. 1 of my faves.
10/6/2003 c1 87LiquidGenesis
*laughs herself sick* Oh god, that was awesome and no you are not alone. Jeez, every single thought you described is something that every teen has gone through, and yes, me too. Oi. This is a favorite of mine now.

9/30/2003 c1 9poodlefreak
I thought this was really funny, but sometimes when ending a paragraph you almost force the joke. Other than that, I thought it was very funny and probably very insightful (unfortunately, it will be awhile before I ever know). Btw, thanks for reviewing my poem.
9/26/2003 c1 2Fantome
At least the hormones take control over the embarrassment, or we'd never reproduce! Great commentary on teenage awkwardness and society in general. The last two paragraphs brought the humor to a-er- climax, and I loved, "I'm just joking. Honestly."
9/18/2003 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
"(incidentally a friend of mine had to be rushed to hospital after a freak accident on a bouncy castle but this almost never happens)."

Oh, wow. The rest of this was funny, but at that point I just burst out laughing. Although humor aside, this does bring up some very true issues about self-image...
8/10/2003 c1 71BC1337
Very well writen. It was clever and honest, a winning combination in my books. Hopefully the "poor sod" isn't too crushed by your remark "is that it?".

I've always enjoyed your work, it's probably the best I've ever read.

The best part of it: it's human. You always are very honest and "real". It's a definate change from some of these writers (no offense to anyone else).

I look forward to reading more in the future.
8/1/2003 c1 3Wil the Deranged Rickmaniac
Oh i love your writing, Maria! You are a true artist. Cept without the vaseline thing.
7/13/2003 c1 luna neko
hehe... interesting! that was one topic well-put! *grins* now all we have to worry about is what happens after! XP joke! i loved it. it was good that you wrote it that way, realistic, really, but it hits you... and i dont mean just in the funny bone. *wink*
7/13/2003 c1 2Anarchy Burger
Maria, dahling, v.funny, certainly brightened up the deadly dull english lesson. you write waay too much about sex though, you should probably do the deed before making comments. unless you already did...ew...linden...or ali? (argh get the horrid thought away from me!)

have you finished your stats coursework yet?

bet you remove this, regards, frankie
7/10/2003 c1 9heart-shaped-box
::applauds:: I must say, this is possibly the best sex essay I've ever read. No "it's a beautiful act" or "it's disgusting, never do it" bullshit. I like honesty. Humorous but not too raunchy. Perfectly balanced.
7/10/2003 c1 Eve D
Well done *sniggers* Actually I had couple things to add had I wrote this kind of essay, but it's still amusing, and true. Good job on this ;)
7/9/2003 c1 Axerlerise
Good writing. I'd suggest the best way to avoid the humiliation and weirdness is to only do it with the one person you trust most and whom you plan to spend the rest of your life with. If they are who you think they are, they should appreciate you beyond your awkwardness and embarassement. See? Its the best of both worlds. No weird expectations, you get better and more comfortable with the same person, and hopefully you would both be mature enough at that point not to point and laugh at the others mysterious scars of freckles.
7/9/2003 c1 Guin
He he, this is very funny. It' ptus alot of thngs in perspective. I espicailly like the Jimmy and Angela bit.

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