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12/31/2005 c1 Southernstorm
I hate to sound harsh but, I have to be honest.Cinderstorm is a mager Mary-Sue.
4/8/2005 c1 Robin
I really like this story. It was an intersting and well-written take on Cinderella. A lot of other twists on it I have readare bad or have been done before. But this story had some real creativity and excellent writng.
1/17/2004 c1 2Fiyero Oberon
I like it. One thing, though, is that Numair wants to marry someone who loves him for who he is - Seastorm met him once and didn't even talk to him. But this is beautifully written, very good job!
6/18/2003 c1 1Chaotic Child
This is very cute! :)
7/5/2001 c1 Hope
What a cute story. I really enjoyed reading it.
8/20/2000 c1 4Gloria
That was very beautiful.
8/8/2000 c1 SpiritDog
Good Job! Were the names Sarasi and Numair from Tamora Pierce's Books?
8/5/2000 c1 misty
cool twist on the original.
6/23/2000 c1 Midnight
An excellent fractured fairytale, Kestrel! I especially approved of the inclusion of the Pegasus and the locket. It added a very interesting twist! One small caution, and it's only a layout thing, try to space out the lines a bit; It's easy to get lost when there's a huge block of text in front of your eyes. Otherwise, it was marvellously done!
6/20/2000 c1 Shariazard
that was beatiuful! but you might want to space it out.
6/17/2000 c1 Cindy
Good, but confusing without paragraphs.
6/17/2000 c1 Laura
Fantastic idea but not vey origanal (characters names etc,.)
4/27/2000 c1 Farie
that was sooo good! I bet it took a long time to write!
4/14/2000 c1 ker-rin
good story, i like!
4/11/2000 c1 Vic or Stella
That is a great story!
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