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for Second Best

1/10/2005 c1 59Vigilant
Well, that was heartrenching. But the exceptional liturature I've come to expect from you. I could very much see myself in that man's shoes, and it hits home. Hopefully in my case, it will never come to that. Your tallent is there, and clearly so is your heart. Perhaps consider finding a publisher for some of your writting, or further, consider writting a book...this would make an exceptional..if not tragic ending. You've got the potential, don't forget to reach, you never know how far you might go.

- Vigilant
4/15/2004 c1 13ladymaverick
This was great. The dialogue was well written, and yes...if you don't usually write in 3rd person, then you did an awesome job. I really like this story's plot...the whole 'marrying second best'.
I love this line "A forced smile upon her face and a forced heart to go with it."
Cheers mate, and thanks for reviewing my story =)
12/7/2003 c1 11Not so Average
I like this a lot. I'm going to read more of your stories. Keep writing!
7/10/2003 c1 8moodykooj
good sense of emotion, but I think the ending was a little over the top. For someone who rarley writes in third person, you did a really good job. Do another one!
7/10/2003 c1 8Keeper of the Key
Nice job, I love the title.

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