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6/25/2006 c1 10do-i-exist
Sad. I liked it though. This was very well written. I hope to see more of your writing.
3/23/2006 c1 1Formerly
Yes. Now that you've been kicked out of the National Honor Society, your life is over. In fact, you might as well kill yourself, because back then the entire world admired you, but now they laugh at you and say "See? That's what happens to people who don't work hard to stay in the National Honor Society.

By which I mean "no."
3/18/2005 c1 terry32
The motivation in it came out real strong. Good Job! I can relate to what you say- although it comes from the different side of the coin. I had to work hard to be in NHS. I appreciate what you say. Anyway, keep writing!
3/18/2005 c1 amused4ever
you kno, you still have time. ALWAYS isn't forever.
8/11/2004 c1 2ffyona
hehe! i think this essay is a lesson in why you should read something thoroughly and not attempt to skim. in britain the NHS is the national health service... i got really confused in the introduction when you talked about the "12 other members of the NHS ". oh dear.
i liked this, it's a good way of motivating someone i suppose - guess what, if you don't work, you're gonna lose this thing!
it seems a bit harsh though,making someone who used to be in the NHS stand up and give a speech to the newbies... kind of like making the person who lost out at the olympics award the medals or something.
anyway, i liked the way you used the example of your mother and how your parents were right, that's the eternal lesson that it's so so so hard to listen to.
12/16/2003 c1 24Nemen
Well-written, fairly stirring, and it achieves it's purpose: you told the new Honor Roll kids that they'd better work their butts off to STAY in Honor Roll, or they were getting the boot. Same as you. You managed to motivate them to keep on working hard. Good job on both the speech itself, and the effect it had.
12/1/2003 c1 Murasaki
I have two more years before i graduate highschool. Reading this has given me inspiration and proof in a sense that working hard does pay off.
I know what you mean with the trying hard thing. I stopped trying at the end of this year because i needed time to just really reaccess my values. My grades did drop and it does really hurt when you see the awards that you would usually get in other peoples hands. Anyways thanks for that little piece of inspiration i will remember it to the day i graduate perhaps even longer
11/4/2003 c1 21Miamouse
Being British, I have no idea what an honour society is, but I can tell it's important to you.

I go to a school where an 'A' grade is the average, and teachers actually give out 'A-triple star' grades. Last month, my English teacher took me aside and told me that I wasn't commited enough... my lowest grade in the last two years for English has been an A. The point is that there's too much pressure on kids to get better and better grades. We should get grades for the praise, yes, but also for ourselves. The honour society can't tell you that you're brilliant, only you can do that. But from the sound of this essay, you're brilliant anyway.

8/23/2003 c1 5Aurum Potestas Est
I'm a very lazy person and scrape through the school years with c's.. but last year i found out that hard work does pay off.. and now I have a few B's.. I like your essay, its easy to relate to..
8/16/2003 c1 17fontanellemonster
Interesting...I'm not really at the stage you're at now, I'm more 'refusing-to-listen' but..well whatever. I really don't know what I'm trying to say soo...I'll shut up.
7/12/2003 c1 Guin who can't be bothered to log in

what's a Honor's society do anyway? Is it a big thing? Or is the equvilant of getting a commendation?

Anyhow, I hope you do well.

And you shouldn't wish to be like someone else. Think about it, if you strive to be like them, then you won't be you any longer, so then there'd be nobody, just a failed them. :)
7/12/2003 c1 Eve D lazy to log in
That was great. Thanks.
7/11/2003 c1 220Namir Swiftpaw
I read this. ^^ I didn't hear it, since I'm more of a slacker than you (yet managed to mantain almost the same GPA...almost, damn you!) and have never, ever been invited to the honor's banquet, lol, but I have read this already. It's not so bad being like your mother...*shifty eyes* ^^

Anyway...write more! More, I tell ye!

~Queen of teh pie and teh monkies.
7/11/2003 c1 zinc5
i can relate with you. my parents, particularily my mom, have also been cramming the idea into my head that i must succed. i do okay in school, mostly an a- to b average. but what i wished i could've worked harder at was my extra cirricular activities.

i liked this, i found it interesting to see someones view on this sort of subject.

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