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8/10/2005 c1 Alyssa
Totally awesome. Then again, I'm hooked on all of your stories. I hope you continue/finish them all!
6/11/2004 c1 5Dreaming Rhapsody
This sounds really good...
9/23/2003 c1 Disasterpiece
E, I loved it! Not how I was expecting it to turn out, but it was really good.
7/23/2003 c1 Maggie
Wow.. This is really good! I'm hooked after the first chapter! *Adds this story to her favourites list*

Please update soon!
7/12/2003 c1 37Phoebs
Wow...I really hope you can finish all your stories (all of which have so few chapters). Anyways, I really like this one. The idea may have been used but it's a good one and it sounds interesting for the first chapter.

Write more soon.
7/12/2003 c1 7You Need More Flair
Please update. Please.

I like the way Macon noticed the difference in Pristine's eyes. It shows that he was pretty close to her, without making him out to be the long lost love.

Good job.

Please update.

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