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11/1/2006 c6 Tarot-Mistress585
This is such a beautifully written story and the abstract ideas are absolutely stunning. Wonderful. I hope you keep writing.
7/8/2006 c6 some random girl
i really like the flow of your stories and the poetic feel to the castle world. although gram isn't quite relistic yet i know he'll get there keep up the good work
4/16/2006 c1 Sarah
Well. I think I like this better than your Experiment/NQDY stories. (Don't get me wrong. I love what you've done with character/plot development)

This is so compelling. I want to say it surrounds you and draws you into her world. You've been studying psychology and effects of trauma, haven't you?

I wonder what pushed Gram out of his world. I think my favorite scenes are the dual vision ones, and the ones where Gram's affecting her mentally. Makes me sound like some kinda wacko, doesn't it?

This reminds me of 2nd-6th grade. Not to Kiernan's intensity, but still.

You haven't updated in a long time, so I won't be pestering you to write. You've probably moved on with other things. ^_^

Good luck, and thanks for the fic!

(I have a few burning questions, so if you randomly decide to email me, I won't mind.
1/21/2006 c6 Alenor
oh ok i would love to find out what happens at the end of this...but you last updated in 2003 so i don't think i will. but ahh well, cya later ~ Alenor.
8/3/2005 c6 MiidKniight
Wow this is great. I couldn't stop reading! You make everything thing seem so real. from her up in her tower and then coming back down to face the real world. Its absolutely amazing
2/9/2005 c6 5Essence of Reality
Oh... This fic rocks!

The tower is awesome... beautifully written, I commend you.

Please, please, please, please update!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D D :D
10/10/2004 c4 2Queen of Irony
Magnificent! Update!
6/19/2004 c6 Rispah Marie
Is this the end?
5/23/2004 c6 2Tsukinani
This is an awesome story Kerrin. You have to continue it. The tower is a wonderful concept. Just where did you come up with it? Anyway, it's awesome and deserves praise.
We Could Be Gone
4/25/2004 c6 11Neophrite
This story is beautiful! I love the parallel of the tower in her mind and her emotions in the real world - it's so clever! I hope she realizes she shouldn't stay locked up inside forever! Gram would be good for her.
Hope you add soon, even though I know you have another story you're working on. :)
1/11/2004 c6 chasehappiness
Hi Kerrin. I can't believe I just stumbled upon this story of yours today. I loved The Experiment, and I'm waiting oh so patiently for the second chapter in "Not Quite Done Yet".
This story has an interesting storyline, in which the girl lives in her own tower, up away so high, and has this incredible connection with someone else, who has experienced the same pain and sorrow as her. I can't wait for the next chapter ;] although it looks like you haven't updated in awhile, I hope that changes soon!
- Angela
9/27/2003 c6 7J. S. Lansing
Very sweet. Very good. Update soon!


9/25/2003 c6 3purplepiano
Hi there. I hadn't got round to reading this before...exams etc kept me rather busy, but it's very good. Different to The Experiment, but I like it. Keep writing :)
9/23/2003 c6 MimiGhost
update soon
9/16/2003 c6 Cheese and DG
My gosh-did i mention that i absolutely LOVE this story? You rock-lots of love!

RoCk On*~
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