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for My Torture

5/4/2004 c1 3ses
i liked this one, i think everyone can relate themseleves to this poem one way or another. you're really good at poetry.
12/21/2003 c1 Chrissy
another good one. dam im running out of witty, funny and insitful shit to say.
8/30/2003 c1 11T III
i like this, it displays the emotions within powefully not only does the actually words do this but the structure as well as each phrase separated into different lines highlights each to create an amazingly powerful and dramatic effect. for some reason this seems like it should be part of a song and reminds me of a song called: "woman on the tier (i'll see you through)" by suzanne vega that was written for a film soundtrack of some sort (i think) dunno just very powerful and i like it and this review is rambling and jumping all over the place i think i should stop now lol

7/15/2003 c1 Cookie Monsta
Whoo hoo...a poem based on PMS...i likes a lot...hee hee*runs off to find some chocolate*

good poem dude, very erm...disgruntled

7/13/2003 c1 59kep
This is deep and dark, profound and echoing of an experience that we can all relate to. It's very convincing in its emotions. Good work, you should write more.
7/13/2003 c1 10MayDragon
Dude, give me some of whatever your taken for your PMS, because this is awesome! I loved it :)
7/13/2003 c1 xDarkend Metalx
loved it.

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