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for Rainy Dreams

4/25/2004 c1 219Matthew James Current
I liked the set up of this poem. It was an enjoyable read. The rhyme scheme wasn't forced, and although the was partially built around it, you made it work well. A very good effort. Also, thank you for the reviews, they are much appreciated. Take care and feel free to stop by anytime. Until next we meet. ^_^
7/14/2003 c1 WenWen
hey hey! nice poem, so romantic, and sad. hmm..dunno wat else to say. ^^ u sure u r okay now? -.- hehe isn't that face cute? i m obsessed with that face now. Neways, bai bai!
7/14/2003 c1 Crimson-Drops
Wow... so touching... so true... oh well... rainy dreams end in the rainy days...
7/13/2003 c1 20forever-blues
sweet, touchy, lovely.. great..
7/13/2003 c1 wLuLux
A very nice poem, though very sad...Can't really believe it came from a 14 year-old. I can just picture what it looks like. My favourite part is:

He held me close, so tightly

My heart opened up, slightly

A kiss on the lips, so sweetly

Lost in my dreams, completely

So very romantic...^^
7/13/2003 c1 21Crystal Snowflakes
...Simply beautiful and breathtaking...lovely
7/13/2003 c1 1Melodiez
You must have spent a lot of time doing rhyming! GOOD JOB, Its a really romantic poem, and the story also, well done, keep on going!

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