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4/6/2005 c4 5lool
1/17/2005 c8 9CerriC
This seemed a very fitting conclusion, though I really do wish it would have been longer!
1/17/2005 c7 CerriC
I like the fact that you remembered that the rogues still only knew her as Riss. That impressed me, especially because I would probably have forgotten. I enjoyed the action in this chapter. Nice job.
1/16/2005 c5 CerriC
This one was a little longer, and I enjoyed that. I really wish you would do a little more with facial expressions, though. I haven't been able to form an emotional attachment to the story or characters yet...
1/16/2005 c4 CerriC
The character development is much better in this chapter...
1/16/2005 c3 CerriC
I'm not getting a very good sense of the characters... so reviewing is difficult. Still, the plot is proceeding nicely. Though I do wish there was more background and development.
1/16/2005 c2 CerriC
The plot continues nicely, but I'm still not as absorbed by it as I would like.
1/16/2005 c1 CerriC
Okay, normally I would tell you how I found this story, but I just clicked a bunch of links from reviews for different stories and somehow got here!

Love the humor, but it seems terribly short! Aside from that, though, it is well written.
7/7/2004 c8 Seina
Hey, I love the ending! And one thing that I forgot to put in my review of the last chapter that I thought was really good was the fact that you made the great hall stuffed with things, but you made it sound cluttered instead of...I dunno...rich. Someone could easily have described the same scene you did and made it beautiful instead. You did a good job with that one. Great work! I'm off to read the next one. Oh, and I am Gryphon Ryder. I just changed my name. So I'm not just some new reviewer. ~Lady Merlin
6/28/2004 c7 Seina
Hey, amazing chapter, yet again, but I've just got one thing. The fight didn't really sound violent. It sounded really casual as they were talking and fighting. some description would have done you some good in there. Otherwise I loved it! ~Gryphon
6/25/2004 c6 Seina
You are a really skilled writer, and this is another amazing chapter. And most of the typos you pointed out in my stuff were just that- typos. My computer just didn't pick them up, but thank you for pointing them out. It'll help when I go through and edit it when it's finished. ~Gryphon
6/23/2004 c3 Gryphon
As I have said before, your writing is great! I would love reading it even if you didn't have a totally awesome idea, which you do have. And I apologize profusely for the fact that I haven't been doing signed reviews, but it's the cookie problem I mentioned earlier. I can't login anywhere except my email, so my dad has to fix it. gr... it's making me mad. great story, though!
6/23/2004 c2 Gryphon Ryder
The more I read, the more impressed I am. This is great. You're gonna get published no matter how hard you try not to. If you try at all, that is, which in my opinion would be severely crazy. Are you crazy? Wait, I forgot, you're trying to take over the world, aren't you? nevermind, I think I know the answer. ^.^ ~Gryphon
6/23/2004 c1 Gryphon Ryder
Wow! You are a great writer. I love the descriptions. I love descriptions in general. But I have read some truly awful ones before. I think yours are in the top 10%, though. Very nice. And if you are going to review my story (which you don't have to, but it'd be totally awesome if you did) you should know that I can't update for who knows how long, cuz my computer has some weird problem with cookies. If you know anything about cookies, email me! ~Gryphon
6/15/2004 c9 143The Illiterate Poet
This is a good story, I'm sad it had to finish :( I liked it alot, just a great story. :)
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