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for Heartbreak

12/29/2003 c1 36Songs of sorrow
I liked the referenece of love being a charade, and of the future being vague. Its wierd how so many of us never see hurt coming and then look back on it and say, 'wow i screwed up'.
But hey it's human nature to screw up.
Great writing, keep it up.
S.O.S x
8/2/2003 c1 7mary.rose.fate
nice, ton (nakikiisa ka na sa heartbreaker fans club) hehehe
7/14/2003 c1 8Pace
very good. i just broke up w/ my boyfriend so i know how it is.
7/14/2003 c1 Needa S
Awesome job!
7/14/2003 c1 49recalcitrant
that was aight good job

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