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for Aphaya and Kaze

8/16/2003 c2 someone from DTR
oh cool! i saw this at DTR but you changed it and its really really good so far; echo is such a cool character (and i think i know who 'he' really is! :D). are you going to post the updated version on the boards?
8/15/2003 c2 khaotiik
the new chapter one is very well written ... can't wait until chapter three!
8/2/2003 c2 3born2respawn
Brilliant stuff; the dialogue - especially Mren in Chapter 2 - fits wonderfully. I shall keep an eye on this.
7/18/2003 c1 23comtesssorelli
Yes, that was very different from Autumn Untitled, but one thing the stories share is quality. And this qaulity is easily seen in the author's ability to keep the reader interested in the interesting story.
7/15/2003 c1 khaotiik
wow, that's a unique story you've got there! i think you spelled description wrong but whatever, i hope to see more of this!

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