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9/10/2003 c77 nahbia
I'm so upset. Your chapters...your writing style, are SO fabulous, yet I can't seem to enjoy them because of this big Kari doom cloud over my head. =( I love Rachael as the girlfriend, she's been with the reader from the beginning...I'm begging you, whether you have some false directions with Kari let the very very very very end be with Rachael! =( I just keep getting a bad feeling about this Kari business. I hate her for being the one that threatens Rachael. I mean forget that she saved him from his downward spiral of depression, right? xD I just hope you haven't fallen in love with Kari...or are one of those writers who gets a kick out of making an ending that makes their readers want to DIE. =( AH. I feel like I've just really chewed your ear off, but hey you want reader feedback, right? Okay okay...

Well you know, as a writer, you are fabulous. I can't really pick out one particular thing you're good at - you're just a very well-rounded writer. Each chapter as a whole just give me a "feeling" an aura I guess you can say - and the dialogue is great. It's not anything especially witty (not that that would even fit in with the characters) but it is far and above that of average writers. It's just nice...your writing is very straightforward and simplistic in design, no especially fancy language, big diction...but it's just GOOD. No denying that. And not to forget, your plot is fabulous.

WHEW. That was a freaking long review. Email me if you . Hope ya update soon!
9/6/2003 c76 nahbia
UPDATE SOON! I'm really unhappy. lol. THe way he and Rachael came back together was way too easy...I have a bad feeling in my gut Kari and he are going to end up together...AND that Rachael is in a way going to support it because she feels it is best for him or some crap like that. PLEASE don't let that happen! But on th eother side I'm glad that the band is back together and that they're all friends again...
9/6/2003 c69 nahbia
i hate KARI! Okay I know Rachael i the evil girl in this story...well not evil, but you know...she's the one tha tmade the decision to walk away, blah blah blah...but she was here from the beginning and the story exposes her thoughts to you soo...Kari! UGH. I'm so irritated. I wish she'd go away. I'm so furious. And what's more, even if Adrian and Rachael end up together...that CONNECTION is just gone...lol basically nothing is going ot make me happy...I'm going to cry if Adrian and Kari end up together...I sort of want a sad ending...just no one hooking up. ANYWAY you have an AWESOME writing style and I'm just gonna shut up and keep reading and hope Kari gets out of the picture pronto.
9/6/2003 c54 nahbia
gosh i really wanted to tell you that this is SUCH a good story...it has really everything i like in a story. =D i'm so scared that kari is getting so close to him, though...i want rachael to come back...argh.
8/28/2003 c73 kayro921
WOW... I can't believe i just started this story, i've ignored it all these times. I read the whole thing and i have to say i love it. Great story, i cired when she left, i cried when she came back, this is totally going on my favorites!
8/22/2003 c73 Hannah
8/19/2003 c2 3Jenn-chan aka KristinaToffland
okay, 70 chapters, i'll have to come back to read this but the beginnign is promising so i will come back. and hey, if you can please review one of my works, it'll mean so much, okay, hope to hear from ya soon, lataz,Kris
8/18/2003 c72 1MooMooMoo
o my...she blacked out cuz of blood loss? hmm...anyways, great plot! i like it because theres always a plot and it's exciting...not like some others that are all peaches and cream. ur a genius for thinking the story up and keeping it interesting
8/13/2003 c71 2DarK-FreEdoM
NO! WHY DID KARI TELL HER! AH! lol Sorry, i really like this story! Update soon!

8/12/2003 c71 1MooMooMoo
oy...i really like your story, because not like others, the conflict dwindles and doesnt last very long, but you always have a conflict and keeps you on the edge of your seat! this is one of my favorites!
8/11/2003 c70 2DarK-FreEdoM
Life is so confusing for Racheal! Update soon!
8/9/2003 c68 1MooMooMoo
wow, why must life be so complicated?
8/1/2003 c66 MooMooMoo
omg! shes back...! i love how you keep it suspensful throughout the whole story...please write more soon!
7/31/2003 c63 2DarK-FreEdoM
I love how you have writen this story! I can not wait to read more! Since i finally finished reading all 63 chapters! Whoa, i mean i could you write 63 chapters and still have me at the edge of my seat wanting to read more? Your brilliant! Update soon!

7/29/2003 c13 DarK-FreEdoM
good good good story! Very interesting! I like it! But i could only read up to this chapter today.

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