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for Him

7/16/2003 c1 4Hotaru Yuy
7/16/2003 c1 15xx star fighter xx
I love this it has meaning and emotion good job
7/16/2003 c1 Shadafakup
(meh.. I still can't seem to login) Anyway, about the piece.. It was beautiful.. Well crafted and details were not needed to simply understand this piece.. Awesome.. Its really very interestin.. How you started and ended this piece.. Anyway- It was very good.. I realized your poem had this structure to it.. I wonder if it was on purpose.. Anyway- I enjoyed this a lot.. Good flow and great message behind this.. M- Good.. Real good..
7/16/2003 c1 6Contradiction
You really started this off with a bang.. the first line caught my attention at once. The rythm was purely satisfying and it really suits my taste. Yum, I like it.
7/15/2003 c1 35Mime
Wow, that was intense.

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