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for drunk off a glass of water: A Collection

6/4/2004 c2 30a e i o u and sometimes y
I really like this one. There was just something completely amazing about it. Really gave the reader something to think about.
3/6/2004 c4 molten-amber
What an awesome idea. Lemonade and God. That's incredible. That is perfect. I love the creation of the lemonade and all it ended up meaning.
3/6/2004 c2 molten-amber
Just wow.
You've nearly made me cry.
This is an amazing poem. Thank you for these ideas in a physical form... Often I've worried about this stuff, but I never thought to pray "Give us another day..."
Thank you.
2/25/2004 c3 22Turtle Queen of Freeks
It's kind of funny in a wierd way.
10/21/2003 c4 orangefreak33
The style these are written in is great, it's informal but yet not...I particularly liked Lemonade. Lemonade is yummy...

9/17/2003 c4 2Lekarthion
first off, I really, really, REALY like this collection of poems, secondly, they RHYME! It's incredible! You are the only person i've seen on here (other than my sister and I) that rhymes (granted i haven't looked at a whole lot but still). anyways, some of these are deep, some of these are funny, but i like them all (though wood is a bit confusing...)
9/6/2003 c1 3FurballofEvilness
They are so-beautiful.
8/4/2003 c1 9Magentian
Wow. Very beautiful, very moving... and so true... although I really don't agree with the conversion part, but that's just my personal opinion... isn't it sad, seriously, that people do miss so much that is irreplacable, forget so much of what they were meant to do...? Oh well... at least poems like these can help make people more aware of the truth...
7/29/2003 c1 21Freakadog
This is a very beautiful. It's also a harsh reminder that we must not have idle hands. I will try to always to keep this poem in my mind and save those souls I didn't even bother to teach, yet.

P.S. If you didn't guess, I'm also a Christian. ^_^ Keep doing the good work.
7/26/2003 c4 4ColorCrayons
i REALLY like Lemonade, but the first one was touching, though maybe a tad long. these were all very good poems, but the ones previously mentioned were my favs. good job

~Color outside the lines~
7/21/2003 c3 Uz jsem pryc
I read all three poems, and I really liked them all. Especially that last part on the "teddy bear" poem. You've got a few typos that need correcting (I think you wrote "lucider" instead of "lucifer" somewhere). The imagery in these poems is really something to talk about. Nice job.
7/19/2003 c3 9J.L.Tinsley
nice, very very nice! I like it very. To often do people say that sort of stuff about God. You've done a wonderful job of standing up.

Anyway, gtg, but keep up the good work!

Please check out my fics here, I have some Christian poems here to.


7/18/2003 c3 27Loganberry
Well, the summary for "Teddy Bear Gods" did get my attention, as I'm sure was the intention! =;)

As you know from elsewhere, I'm an atheist, and don't intend to change that. But you have every right to challenge my (non-)belief, and this is one of the more interesting ways I've seen of doing it.

I'll admit that I was slightly riled by the implication that those of us who don't believe are wilfully ignoring the truth... but then that was what you wanted me to think, wasn't it?

It wouldn't change my beliefs if all the poems in this section were as thought-provoking as this one - but it would certainly make things a bit more interesting.
7/17/2003 c3 9Magentian
Funny... I never really thought of God as a stuffed animal before. He doesn't strike me as something to turn to and cuddle when you are fed up by the world... This really makes me wonder about the people saying this, who gave you this idea. God brings out the strength in all of us... he put it there in the first place, after all. It's like saying that love, as a supportive force, is a mere crutch... because Love, after all, is what God is.

...They must be really lonely to say that... thinking they can face the world alone... and one of these days they'll either crack or realize they're wrong, that we all do need someone or something to bring out the best in all of us. Just because God does it doesn't mean it's wrong.

...Odd thoughts. It surprises me that people would be so ...not-understanding about Christian ways. Perhaps it's a fate we bring on ourselves.

All in all, very entertaining and thought-provoking, and that goes for all three of these. And now I'll be off to mull this over some more. *wanders away*
7/17/2003 c2 Magentian
Ahh! I like it! It's kind of like an Aesop fable, actually, but much more funny. Cute! ^_^
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