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for Kill Me With Your Love

12/3/2007 c32 SuperCUTEJensen
I've just read your whole sotry...I love it...I like Marissa and Davis together...cant wait for the next chapter...hope you update soon
7/13/2007 c32 5Chelsea Plum
Nice chapter. Good to know our sense of writing hasn't diminished yet. But one question...Russell?

-Chelsea P.

= D
4/11/2005 c32 C. Regeling
w00p w00p they kissed...YAY!

I'm speechless, utterly speechless...i dont know what to say...

Update Soon.

Jorja : )
1/10/2005 c32 Allison Lucas
I absolutely love this story! I didn't Review till I read to the last updated chapter because I got to sucked in. Amazing, the characters and the plot both! I wish I had this sort of talent, but my story comes up dead last to this one!
12/2/2004 c32 40Moosher
Lurved it!Beautifully written!It took meh quite a while to read the whole thing since i started and finished today but it was definately worth it! loved the creative ideas you come up with!*grinz*Keep up the good workand keep writin ^_~ ~Meme
11/26/2004 c32 36Kittle
Yay! That was great! I loved it! Update soon!
11/9/2004 c32 1PhearsomePshycho
aww- thats a sweet chapter. and dun worry- update when you can.
7/18/2004 c31 alpie
marissa was naked! holler! finally some nude action going on. but you should've said nipples. that makes me giggle. and chris was mos def watching porn when his mom walked in. its ok, his mom is prolly really liberal anyway. but the story is getting better with its twists and turns. and the nudity isn't all that bad either. hehe, im naughty. keep the porn, i mean the good work up. x0xo, alp
7/16/2004 c31 9Phoebe Love
Good Job. I have to agree that I like the other characters better. I guess I'm jsut an original group kind of person. Update Soon!
7/16/2004 c31 5Chelsea Plum
Holy Fuckin God! She UPDATED! -dramatic music- Hell has just frozen over everybody. She actually updated! Nah..j/m lol. and YAY! no more Chris! I'm excited! lol
Update soon!
7/16/2004 c31 87EchoesOfReason
Hey hun, interestingly short chapter. I was actually wondering last time when it'd hit Chris that he saw her naked lol but yeah. Great chapter, I'd say you're on a record here lol. Gotta keep this short, sorry. Take care, great job, and good lucK!
7/14/2004 c30 EchoesOfReason
Hey hun, so sorry for the late review, I've had a crazy couple of weeks, as have you. This was a pretty dark chapter, I have to say I didn't see it coming, even though I don't blame you. This was a very interesting point of view and a seriously interesting chapter. I love you hun, remember that, I'm always here if you want to talk. Take care please, great job, and good luck with...everything!
7/6/2004 c30 Ares1020
Cyber Cookie? Hmm too short, and chris doesnt seem mad or sad and he doesnt even acknowledge the fact he saw her nude. Whats with boys not actin like boys.
7/5/2004 c30 5Chelsea Plum
HEY YOU! LONG TIME NO SEE! and what's this? the RILES has UPDATED? I think i died and went to hell...haha j/m
Nice Update. I liked it. A little more "spice" was used and I liked it. Yeppers. lol. Anywho. Update son...
7/4/2004 c30 9Phoebe Love
OMG! I can't believe it has taken me so long to read this story! Oh pleaz, pleaz, pleaz update as soon as you can! I am glad that there is no more riss-n-chris and I have an idea of what I want to happen in the future for the four friends but I like to let the author express there own creativity (unless they ask for others suggestions). Well, pleaz update soon because I am hooked on this story.
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