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4/20/2004 c26 11Remix S.O.S
I think this story is fantastic so far. plzz update soon. p.s. you use a lot of internet abreviations when you typed the story...Over all I thought it was cool. plz update son.
4/20/2004 c26 16Dream and Write
Well done. I like the character interaction. This is very well done. I’d like to invite you to a writing forum. I hope you enjoy the community and share some of your interesting works.
4/20/2004 c26 5Chelsea Plum
Chelsea must've had a blonde momenth cuz she signed it under MY name lol...n now I'm doing this on her name ^-^
4/20/2004 c26 11DreamNightmare
YAY! Riles is dying! Riles is dying!
HAR HAR HAR! lol..kdding.
I liked the update..showed Tom's sensative side..lol..yea sensitive side..uh huh..
Chelsea-* xoxo
4/19/2004 c1 Alpie
finally! i love it more with each sentence. :-)x0xo
4/18/2004 c25 5Chelsea Plum
Nice update...so...SHORT! lol...When are you gonna get the next one out?..huh? huh? huh? lol..well update soon!
Kill Riles!
4/18/2004 c25 87EchoesOfReason
Ugh, like I said before, I shake my fist at you! You and your damn suspense. You'll just have to deal with people pestering you to update now. It'll be update this and update that...blah blah blah! So yeah, still very nice way you wrote it, compared ot my shotty note versions.
"And he tried to like get away from her so like he wouldn't have to like talk to her..." Ew, I sound preppy! LOL Um yesh, my computer just froze so this ish STUPERGURL signing out! And remember...I rox the jox with pox in a wox with cox LMMFAO! Man we need lives!
2/22/2004 c24 5Thrifty Sara
Good chapter. Still hate chris... That scum. Lets beat the crap out of him...
2/7/2004 c24 26Ares1020
o quick write the next bit so i can find out what happens to the cool girl... not that marissa isnt... its just riley... okay whatever.
2/6/2004 c22 Ares1020
Wow, its been a long time since i stopped reading... i still love it. although 13 bucks for like 3 cds? 1 cd costs 13 bucks out here.
1/29/2004 c24 20Xi
Woah woah skye, amazing chapter. maybe it's just because i haven't read this in so long, but it got realy good...
really good...
1/29/2004 c24 19Talented Kitty
YEAH! U finally updated! Love the chappie. Cant wait for more.
Hugz 2 all
~Talented Kitty
1/28/2004 c24 87EchoesOfReason
I'M SORRY, DID YOU JUST SAY YOU HAD A SNOW DAY? *throws tantrum* NO FAIR! *ahem* okay, great chapter. Glad you put her in the dock, or near the dock, or was it on the dock? *scratches chin* Well, anyway, it's great! I can't wait for the next chapter.
Take care, keep it up, good luck on the next one, I know you're stuck so yeah I'm here.
Love always,
1/28/2004 c24 Chelsea Plum
This STUPID thing aiint working! ugh! Anyway good chapter like always...
When are you gonnd kill Riles? Huh HUh HUH? HUH?
lol now this time you must update before 3 months passes..got it? or else YOUR FIRED! (mwhah mwhaha mwhahahahaha) You better get crackin..(mwhahaha)
P.S.- I know I'm psycho...
11/28/2003 c23 5Thrifty Sara
OOh..That was a good chapter. Riley is just being a tad bit melosdramatic. How dare she. All Tom wanted was some good old loving..
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