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for Hail to Life

2/25/2006 c1 17Moonscale
A beautiful story. I think a lot of people can connect to it. The way you write is captivating.
11/26/2003 c1 4ColorCrayons
i would like to read more some other time, but for now...

this was good. your detail was nice and intriguing. you covered a lot of time and stuff, which normally isnt good...but obviously this was for a school project, so certain things needed to be addressed.

this was very well written, i liked it a lot

~color outside the lines~

ps. thank u so much for ur review! your hints will deff be taken into mind when we revise.
8/26/2003 c1 1throne-gal
Yea Sammy! I LOVED it! Dude... now I get why you always say my stories have no description. Any ways, I really did like it. Plus, I can really understand this one because you sort of combined your current life with the life you hope to have... I was really able to put pieces together *cough* Austin *cough*. Also, it really did follow that essay we had to write... do you think I could make a story out of my essay? Do ya think people would like to read a story about a girl who ends up marring the President(hehehehe)? Hm... what else should I say? Oh, your story did give me lots of emotion... I smiled when you met "him", and I cried when your Dad died. Oh, and I REALLY laughed when Emma got drunk : ) So, good job!

P.s. Ya know the part "Her friends would spot it on their way out of a bookstore and say, hey; she was my best friend in school," that hit home Sammy (hehehehehe)... See'ya at 2nd period Science on day 1 of hell! (hehehe)

7/17/2003 c1 3Fiji
I liked your story. It reminded of where I want to be in after college.

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