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7/17/2003 c1 Mimi
Mimi: O.O OOh...pretty...

Miroku: I'm surprised you understood what it meant...

Mimi: *pout* Hey...just cuz I'm a pyschotic, sadistic, heartless, pyromaniac, doesn't mean I'm stupid. ^.^ *does peace sign*

Miroku: Sure... *glares at Missa* Why must you post so many stories and poems? Do you like watching me suffer?

Mimi: Oh, that's right, in my reviews to Missa, I always make you suffer. I had forgotten.

Miroku: OOps...

Inuyasha: Not stupid, eh?

Mimi: O.O Where'd you come from?

Inuyasha: *points to nearby and very suspicious tree* I always stay up there. From up there I can see everything that ya'll do...

Mimi: o.O Oh? That's kinda creepy... *spaces out*

Miroku: *uses this moment to escape*

Mimi: *snaps out of it* So what did you come down here for, hmm?

Inuyasha: *shrug* Miroku payed me ten bucks to help him escape. And I was bored.

Mimi: *has to think for a moment* Wait a sec... *looks around* ... *turns very red and VERY angry* MIROKU!

Inuyasha: *decides to return to tree and watch from there, for safety precautions*

Mimi: G2G, I loved your poem though! Write more! And post that romance poem you told me about! Now... *crazy glint in eye* Must find...Must KILL...

Miroku: *hiding behind tree* O.O *crosses fingers*

~* Mimi

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