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for desire

8/8/2004 c1 69tomato-greens
Yeah, I know how that feels...
As always, it's amazing the way you really get into the poem, you write down exactly what it feels like, really, really elegantly.
Which this review was not. But still, it's a pleasure to read.
6/3/2004 c1 7AethraZip
Luckily for me, the girl I desire wants me back, so I've never felt this way, but after reading this, it seems like I have. You're so.. I dunno, eloquent. Unlike me :)
8/8/2003 c1 Medea3
Goddess, wow.

If this wasn't so good, I'd swear it was something I'd written. It's exactly what's been going through my mind lately (only more eloquent).

Gosh, um...I really don't know what else to say. So I'll settle for the general plea for more: *please* write more!


~ars est celare artem~
7/17/2003 c1 11Mercuria
OOh ... that's good. The emotions come through so clearly, it was really wonderful.


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