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for Granted

12/22/2004 c1 1AussieGal
That was moving...very good job.
10/21/2003 c1 7Samurai101
Wow... This is awsome! Truly wonderful. ^.^
8/14/2003 c1 106cosmo-queen
Another great piece of work. This was cleverly written and conveyed a deep message. I especially liked the second last stanza. Keep up the good work :)

8/3/2003 c1 Heidi Miller
It's always nice to meet someone who sees the world with more than jsut their eyes. Once again, beautifully written and thought provoking.

~ Heidi
7/18/2003 c1 74Letters to No One
I really like this! Almost sad but not quite. Keep it up!
7/17/2003 c1 7godsgurl23
I already told you, but thought I'd post this. I really like it. Keep up the writing streak!
7/17/2003 c1 Miranda Crystal-Bearer
That's kinda sad, to me. but it's good. You write very well, and don't believe otherwise.
7/17/2003 c1 49The Hitokiri Onigiri
Yay, the formatting worked! Huzzah!

Anyway. Great rhyme scheme, steady rhythm, and a great song all together. See? Writing a song in six minutes isn't necessarily a BAD thing...!

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