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9/19/2003 c8 Annie Maxwell
::Sighs:: col... martial arts rocks. I love this story too. I have just been so busy. GOMEN NASAI! Please forgive me! ::bows to ground:: Please? ::glomps:: And if you do, will you perhaps update? ::looks bashful:: Please? ::hands pocky:: i will give you pocky...
8/8/2003 c7 Annie Maxwell
gah! YOu must continue writing! I will read if you write! ::grins:: I love your story, I wish it was in book form so I could just go buy it and have the whole thing. Please update soon! Please! ::gets on knees and begs:: ~.^
8/8/2003 c6 Annie Maxwell
::laughs:: "Bonding with him was like bonding with a brick wall" Or something like that. It made me laugh. I love your story, little drops of humor and a great plot. WooP!
8/8/2003 c5 Annie
::eyes get wide:: OOps!
8/8/2003 c4 Annie
*squeaks* I love this! Its so awesome. WooP! *grins*
8/8/2003 c3 Annie Maxwell
::Eyes widen:: Wow, anger. Not that I blame him. your explanation makes the perfect excuse for his anger. This story is so complex, and so enjoyable. YATTA!
8/8/2003 c2 Annie Maxwell
Oh my, that is so sad. This plot already seems very intricate and I applaud you for creating it. ::Grins:: I am hooked, and I hope I can finish it before i leave. ^_^
8/8/2003 c1 Annie Maxwell
Wow, This is awesome. THe beginning was great, how you introduced the idea with a story. It was incredible. ^_^
7/26/2003 c4 yukimayu
You are now in my current favourite author's list. However, I don't think I will repeat myself on my preferences in gender.

I wish the small kid is not so small and was a girl.

This I have to commend. Great fictional imagination but if I meet a guy like Clay in the future, I will surely bop him one on the nose for not helping with reducing spinsters in this world.

Good attempt meow. Go go go!

Thank you.
7/26/2003 c4 2Kell Hound
great job keep writing
7/18/2003 c2 74Vivienne Cen
Thrilling action and imaginative writing. You have potential to be more. *huggs*
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