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6/20/2011 c7 piantagentile
about a month ago i got this urge to read this story a second time, but couldn't find it. and only today, after many effords, i stumbled upon your story by chance.

i really like The Enigma and i must say that i was so impressed by the characters, the plot, the style that i just coudn't get this story out of my mind. usually i tend to forget i even read a story about a week after i finished reading it, save few exceptions.

please, when you have some free time, add new content. i'd be overjoyed to see this story unfold further. ;)
12/31/2010 c7 1litgradlife
12/4/2010 c7 foxossfield
Beautifuly awesome

Update please? :D
9/12/2010 c7 ceeda
Hey utsubame. Can you please please please just upload the entire story? The unrevised version. I just want to finish reading your story. You can revise it Chapter by chapter along the way. Or just title it as the (REVISED) version.
5/27/2010 c7 61Ruri Star Sykel
i like this story and hope you plan to finish it! i love the idea and i want to know more about Dev and his abilities! i also love the character of Clay, its just fun to read his reactions to Dev.
3/18/2010 c7 paint-pops

Will you still update this?

It sounds so interesting! I wonder what Devon is..and why he smells different to all the people.

Please continue this! It's so great!
3/17/2010 c7 1Raiya-shi
Love the story! Can't wait to find out what Devon is, will he still be able to chat with his brother whenever he goes to the hill. Hope the stupid scientists rot in hell *coughs* sorry, Well keep up the awesome work, hope you update soon~
1/25/2010 c7 raebyddeT
Please update soon! I'm dying to see how the story unfolds! Keep writing ! You are an awesome writer!
1/25/2010 c1 raebyddeT
wow! Great story =) Love the fact that you introduced the history behind why male/male procreation results in pregnancy... (which many Mpreg writers tend to leave out) Very unique and interesting... Can't wait for more.. Keep writing =) Kudos for a well written and unique story !
12/20/2009 c7 1yaminoname
I hope you update soon, its really good
12/4/2009 c7 SheriLyn
love the story...
12/2/2009 c1 Mabulatious
oh! Sounds interesting. Nice beginning. I liked it. Will keep on reading until I'm bored! :P
11/8/2009 c7 StangenBaer
I really like this story! But, the question is, are you going to update?

It would be wonderful if you would, and hopefully I'll see an update soon... I am officially hooked! :)
11/4/2009 c7 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update?
10/6/2009 c7 3ShortFogHornXD
:( Please update again soon!
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